Saturday, December 12, 2015

Laughing All The Way -- Dec 11, 2015

Wellllllllllllllllllll It is STILL Christmas on Temple Square and we're busier than ever.

Sister C and I have been very busy teaching our investigators and trying our best to help them progress. We have truly discovered that everything is within the Lord's timing and as long as we continue reading, praying, and doing everything we can to find answers from God, the spiritual experiences will come, you just have to be patient. We are just waiting for them all to have their own converting experiences and doing our best to help :)

New Newsssss

Sister C will be going outbound next transfer to Tempe Arizona! Which means I have another 100% chance that I will get a new companion. Bitter sweet. I will find out next Monday who my new companion is, what my assignment will be, and what my new p-day is (praying for a Wed. Thurs. , or Fri. or else I will miss p-day next week :(

I really wish I had more to tell you but not much else has been happening. We've been caroling, freezing, and finding new people to share the gospel with and I am loving every second of it.

(Also caroling is hilarious when a good 80% of the Sisters are foreign, still learning English, and don't know any of the Christmas hymns, so we American sisters really have to step it up hahaha) This is why I have no voice the passed couple of days, but hey it's all worth it! [[Note from Sister Eging's mom -- I am sure she is having no trouble at all belting those hymns out, all that practice at home, "singing loudly so all could hear," must really be paying off now. Who knew that all that time she was just preparing for Christmas time at temple square!]]

Some days are hard, long, and stressful. We work all the time, cry for our people, and laugh with the sisters. I love everyone I have met here, I love my mission so very much and there is no place I would rather be at this time in my life. I am so grateful that I have been able to grow and change so much and come closer with God. I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and will do all I can to follow Him and bring others to Him.

The Sky is Blue
The Church is True
Love, Sister Eging

My Zone:

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Dec 4 - Christmas Time Is Here!

(except for all the couples on Temple Square....they're the worst)

You heard it folks Christmas has finally made its way over to Temple Square! That means the lights are on in full force and the square is hoppin' from 5-10 pm every night!

It being filled with mostly members has made it slightly difficult to find people to teach as they all work with the missionaries back home and most just like to look at the missionaries (I feel like an exhibit in the zoo sometimes...)

But it is still possible and there have been many miracles!

One of them specifically has been K (we have been asked to not publish people’s names on our blogs, etc)! K is from Taiwan and living in California at the moment and has absolutely no religious background but something about Temple Square has touched his heart. He was here for a ski trip and then came for a tour in the morning. We invited him back the next night to show him Savior of the World video and then the following day to begin teaching him on Temple Square. He has been so prepared and already can feel the difference the gospel has been making in his life.

It is such a blessing to be able to be a part of that. I am so lucky and blessed to be an instrument in God's hand and love serving Him every single day. I have learned that in every major decision in life if we give it all over to God He will mold us into more than we could ever imagine.

Yesterday we were also invited to go and have brunch with a ward. The Relief Society spent months preparing everything for us. They sweetly made two huge vats of soup and rolls for us. It was very humbling to be there and to simply feel their love for us. It was a little awkward at first though because we had to go to a stake building and so our whole zone walked over together. We get to the building walk inside and all say hello very loudly and happily to the first people we meet.....they frown and don't look very happy to see us.....that's when we noticed it. We had just walked in to a funeral service!!! We back out of there real quick and turn the corner and realize we walked into not one but two funeral we go to leave the building we hear "Sisters! Over here!" and see an old lady waving us over into a side room. Apparently the ward is made up of very very VERY old people and a few very young couples so funerals are pretty common.

so yeah. That happened.

Well there's really not much else going on in the good 'ole Temple square.

The church has finally released the new Christmas videos (that we got to see a week before but weren't allowed to show was rough!). So if you haven't seen them please do! my favorite is the animated "A World Without a Savior."

I feel like often times we take many things for granted and the Savior is not one of those we should easily forget. The world would be a much different place had Jesus Christ not come down. His life was the single greatest event in the history of mankind. It was the pinnacle of God's divine plan for us. Let us not forget how important His birth was and the real reason why we celebrate every December.

Me and my companion:

Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Holidays!

Well Thanksgiving is over and do you know what that means!?!?!?!


To start off I just want to say how grateful and blessed I feel to be serving on Temple Square. Right by the House of God where the spirit is present and you can feel the love that God has for all of His children every single day. With serving here comes a couple of different perks like.......Thanksgiving Day Meals!!! Because the Square closed at noon all of the Sisters got to go to a different member's house and eat Thanksgiving with them. In a real home with an actual family and Members!!!! (This is a stark contrast from the lounge where we microwave our food

I don't know what my companion and I did in the past life but it must've been good because we got to go to President Harman's home (he is a counselor to our mission President) all the way in Park City. It was like walking through a Pinterest board. His home was so cute and amazing! (soda machine in the cowboy themed basement) and we got to meet his daughter and her husband and two kids. Smoked turkey, home made apple pie, and of course SWEET POTATOES! At the end of the night my heart was so full and so grateful that we were able to spend that time with such an amazing family (and they let us take some food home which made today that much better :)

With the coming of Christmas come the change in our schedules (hence why my email is a little later in the day). We now wake up at 7:15 am and go to sleep at.... 11:45 pm..... you heard it 11:45. The square is open an extra hour and we get to be on it! Singing, and sharing the message of Jesus Christ. He truly is the reason we celebrate Christmas, the reason to be thankful on Thanksgiving, and the whole reason why we were able to come to this Earth.
I am so grateful, He blesses and loves us so much.

The work continues to progress as we share the message that Christ lives and continues to guide this wonderful Church. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know with all my heart that this is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and that there is only one path that leads to eternal happiness. We are all given the opportunity we just need to search for it.

Love you all so much and hope that your Thanksgiving was filled with joy and gratitude for all we have been given.

This is one of my favorite talks that is just perfect for Thanksgiving. We were able to share the story at the end with The Harman Family and hope you all enjoy it as well.

Sky is Blue
Church is true
With lots of love
Sister Melissa Eging

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Nov 20 - Miracles Happen


Okay so for the rest of the world I guess Christmas time isn't quite there yet but man, Christmas time IS HERE on the good 'ole Temple Square.

With that comes the lights, nativity scenes, and herds of people. HERDS.

As soon as Thanksgiving is over we will be packed every single night until the lights turn off. For us missionaries that means we have to stay up later to accommodate all of the people and we have to work even harder to find those who are prepared for the gospel to change their life.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, yes mom, they will take care of us :) A stake of the surrounding area has signed up for families to host us on Thanksgiving which is so special. Being a missionary on Temple Square we get little to no interaction with members and NEVER have dinner appointments (in short we live off of pb&h (peanutbutter and honey) and cereal) So it is such a big deal that we get to spend the afternoon with a family and get a nice home cooked meal. Eyes are watering just thinking about it. Ah I can't wait! And then due to my pday being on.....BLACK FRIDAY! We may just stop off at City Creek (because we can't drive because I have been #suspended from the car for 4 weeks....but that's another story)

This week we had the amazing opportunity to go and see the Church's musical production called "Savior of the World." We will be able to have extra tickets to give to investigators so that they may be able to experience this spiritual production. I'm not even kidding I cried like 4-5 times.....the mission's making me soft.

What really stood out to me was just how real the production made the story of Mary and Joseph. They were just normal people who lead good lives. They followed the commandments etc. but what truly made them special was why they were doing everything. It was out of love and out of duty to God. They forgot everything, every care, every worry, every thought and gave all they had to serving the Lord. They were willing to give their lives to build up the Kingdom of God.

That is what has really stuck with me this entire week. What am I willing to give up in order to be a better servant of the Lord. Am I willing to give up my exercise time in the mornings for all of the many meetings we have to attend? Am I willing to skip lunch or dinner to take one more teaching appointment? Am I willing to give all I have, the little vices, away? Am I willing to hold in complaints, erase negative thoughts, and more fully dedicate myself to the service of the Lord?

If everyday I am not changing and not sacrificing something more, then am I truly serving?

There is always more to give the Lord and I know that as we do this our worries and fears will vanish because we can always wonder about our choices and decisions but, if we leave it all to the Lord we never need wonder or worry.

I am so thankful to be serving a mission. To help others discover Christ and help them develop a relationship with their loving Heavenly Father. He is out there we just need to do a little bit of searching.

Sky is Blue
Church is True

Love Sister Eging

ps I am holding the empty peanut butter jar that Michelle brought me. Yes. I have already eaten the whole thing.

Pss -- Oh and the actor we took a picture with played Joseph and he plays Hyrum Smith in the Restoration movie 

Nov 14 – Let The Transfer Begin!

Wow where to start.

It has been a very eventful week here on Temple Square with new transfers and everything. Can you believe I am now in my fourth Transfer!?!?!?!

It's going by too fast, I can't believe my old companion is in Arizona and I already have a new compenera! Sister C from Columbia!!!!!!

She is the most amazing companion ever and seriously such a spiritual powerhouse. Every contact with someone is meaningful and she's not afraid to say what needs to be said. I love it!!!

With the new transfer comes some new changes.
1. no longer living in the best apartments in the mission -- they are more of an outer darkness type of apartment....
2. our assignment is Square which means we are on square basically all day everyday (perfect because the lights will turn on soon!)
3. still announcing choir coordinator..........
4. new church policy change.

That last one I for sure didn't see coming and I know, because we take all of the chats and calls into the church, that it has definitely shaken some testimonies. But when we step back and look at it for what it is, a precautionary step to help God's beloved children keep the sacred promises they make with Him, then I only know with more assurance than ever that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ. It is founded on unshakable principles and truly is centered on the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know that He lives and loves each and everyone of us.

I love all of you very much and I'm sorry I don't have time to write much more. Thank you for the package mom it really made my day!

ps. found this awesome grocery store called Ranchos.....2 avocados for $1!!!!!!!! 3 pomegranates for $1!!!!! I was in heaven.

Sky is Blue
Church is True
Sister Eging

We are quilting!

Me and my new companion!

At the tabernacle!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 4: So Many Stuffs

First can I start off with a big giant HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE LOVELY AND TALENTED AND BEAUTIFUL GWENDOLYN EGING!!!!! Shout outs all around! !

On another note, so much has been happening this past week! To start off I will tell you a tale of a missionary who should've known her general authorities a little bit better.

We were in the Tabernacle. Very few people to talk with so I was speaking with a RM (returned missionary) and his very less active parents when they wanted to hear an acoustic demonstration. I say yes and go to the front and realize there are a couple of people gathered on the stage already looking at the organ and security blocking it. I go up and ask if I can do an acoustic demonstration and he says knock yourself out! I go up. The man in a suit on the stage approaches me, smiles, says some words and goes to shake my hand. The whole while I'm thinking that this person looks strangely familiar. He says I can do the demonstration but quickly introduces me to his grandchildren and his wife, Sister Anderson. That's when it hits me......I JUST SHOOK HANDS WITH ELDER NEIL L. ANDERSON!!!!!!

In shock I go up and do the acoustic demonstration, pits sweating and all. I awkwardly go back, shake his hand again and get my stuff to leave. I shook an apostle's hand. TWICE.

Then in case you were wondering what missionaries on Temple Square do for Halloween! No we don't dress up :( I wish! But, we do get to go to the Temple! Because Temple Square seems to attract a lot of weirdos we closed the Square at 5, got free dinner, and then went to the Temple as a whole mission!!!!! It was nothing short of amazing! I love the Temple with all of my heart!

As some of you may know (maybe not) my companion and I have been in charge of the Announcing Choir this transfer (The choir that sings for everyone as they leave the Tabernacle on Sunday mornings). And we were asked to perform at a general young women's luncheon. We picked the songs, rehearsed, wrote different parts, the works and then got to perform for the current and former General Young Women's Boards!!! How cool! Afterwards Sister Oscarson and Sister Stephens, and Sister McConkie all came and gave us all hugs. WHAT!!?!?!?! Truly has been a week of meeting such spiritual and amazing people!

In other news this is my last p-day before the start of a new transfer. I will be going into my fourth transfer! I'm getting so old!! This means a new companion, new apartment, new assignment, new EVERYTHING. And I'm pretty certain it will all be new because MY COMPANION IS GOING OUTBOUND!!!! (this is where we get to go serve in a different mission for 3 months). She is going to the Tempe AZ mission and will no longer be on Temple Square :(

We change a lot here on Temple Square and I love it because it gives us the opportunity to grow and develop constantly becoming better.

The next time you hear from me may be a different day..... Only time will tell :)

Sky is Blue
Church is True
Sister Eging

Last PDay together:

Monday, November 2, 2015

October 28: Running For My Life

Hello Everyone!!!

This week we had the long awaited, much anticipated, hardly trained for MISSION 5K!

The entire mission was lead in stretches before-hand by President Poulsen and then we were off!

It was so much fun to see everyone running together and then we got bagels after!!! Woop Woop!

Your favorite sister missionary and mi compenara ran at an amazing, astounding, incredible, aw-inspiring 26 minute and 44 second 5 k ran (seriously with the amount of training we had it was aw-inspiring)

This week one of our investigators was baptized!!!!


He attends BYU-Idaho and him and his girlfriend stopped through Temple Square on the way (they were doing a roadtrip hitting all the temples! How Cool!?!?!?!) So we got to skype in and see his baptism! Tears! It was so special and his testimony is so strong, truly inspiring. It's amazing that the Lord has allowed me to be a participant and simply see how He works miracles in people's lives.

Also on a side note the Square is officially dead. As in there is no one to talk to. Which is great because we are scheduled to be on square for at least 6 hours every day. It's good though it gives us an opportunity to really make every conversation count. One thing I have learned is that when we don't invite people to come closer to Jesus Christ, learn more, read the scriptures, etc. then we are automatically saying no for them and taking away their agency. When we put the invitation out there then we are doing the Lord's work and allowing them to decide for themselves.

I have gained and continue to gain such a strong testimony of the power of the Book of Mormon. It truly is the most correct of any other book on Earth and can bring us closer to God by simply abiding by its precepts. I have the goal of reading the Book of Mormon once every transfer (which is every 6 weeks). Every time I read the Book of Mormon I search with a specific topic in mind. The topic of the transfer is Faith. We must simply have faith. When we express our faith and trust the Lord only then can He work miracles with our lives. The Lord can do marvelous works and wonders but we must first do our part and have faith.

Love you all so much! Sorry this one's a little short!!!!
Sky is Blue
Church is True
Love, Sister Eging

Skyped into the Baptism:

Pumpkins for our Secret Sisters:

Ready for the 5k!

October 21: What It’s All About

We have had quite a week here at Temple Square with the....duh duh duh DUHHHHHHNNNNNNN'

Every religion you could possibly imagine, every way of life, was represented on Temple Square this week and we spoke to sooooooo many people.

Imagine just a swarm of people all wanting to know more. Here's the tricky part: they really don't like the idea of missionaries.

The Parliament is big on Interfaith, simply accepting everyone's beliefs and working on doing the best that we can. This is all well and good and seriously such an amazing idea and program, but, what do missionaries do?

They proselyte. They teach. They encourage others to learn and invite them to consider something more than what they already know. While everyone was respectful they were 100% not interested in considering anything else. And many believed that Mormons only want to convert people so were surprised to find many members mingled in with the interfaith crowd.

So needless to say it was a harder week when most of the people you talk with think Mormonism stands against the entire convention. That's the beauty of Temple Square though. The fact that they came from all around the world and were able to see what The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is truly all about. Hearts were softened and we met quite a few who became interested in learning about the gospel.

FUN STORY: Speaking of diversity, my assignment this transfer is at the Humanitarian Center which helps refugees etc. from all over the world learn English and gain the knowledge necessary to apply for a job. With this we meet many different people. This week we met a Russian who is teaching English here. We sat and ate lunch with him and this Indian woman walks over, sets this dessert on the table and walks away. He hands them to us, asks us how they are and refuses to try it. We ask him why and he says in true, stereotypical Russian fashion "Sweets are for ladies. I am a man I eat meat." End of story.

Now getting to the best part of the week which actually happened just this morning. I. SHOOK. ELDER. HOLLAND'S. HAND. YES. ELDER.


Is this real life?

He came and spoke to our mission this morning so we all woke up at 5:30 a.m. to get there by 6:30 so he could speak to us at 7.
He wanted to shake our hands and told us afterwards that he had just interviewed all of us. How scary is that!?!?! But it's all good haha I think we passed.

He then went on to teach us about the Book of Mormon. We are missionaries, we should know the Book of Mormon by now but what he shared with us was the central message, the key part of the Book of Mormon, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, of essence our very religion. The Book of Mormon is simply a book written by revelation about revelation. Everything in our religion points us back towards revelation. We know that Book of Mormon is true through personal revelation. Joseph Smith became a prophet because of revelation and prophets continue to guide us through revelation. This is the message, that God is living and speaks with man today. He reveals truth and it is through revelation that the Church, the teachings of Christ, the teachings of God has been restored IN ITS FULLNESS. From the beginning of time until now God has called prophets and He will continue to.

Simply put if we can not accept the fact that God speaks with man then nothing else matters.

How blessed I am to be serving on Temple Square! How amazing it is that I am able to hear from an apostle of God and how truly great it is to know that this is God's church on the Earth.

Sky is blue. Church is True.
Sister Eging

Companion and me at pumpkin patch on PDay:

At pumpkin patch:

October 14: Tour Groups

Temple Square man....Let me tell you Temple Square gets all kind of people from all around the world. And this past week we met some of the finest.

I don't know what it is about our companionship but we just always seem to have the weirdest, most awkward contacts with people and always find the ones who aren't all mentally there. We meet the strangest people.

So we were asked to contact a huge Mandarin motor coach. Like 50 people As contacters we sit with the tour, help them to feel comfortable and mostly try and guide them along.

This was one BIG group. 100 Mandarin that had to be split into two different groups of 50.

Before the tour even started we had a line of at least 20 different people who wanted our picture, all pretty young. Then there was this one older gentleman who took a picture with us and everyone was laughing saying yeah let teacher have a picture.....We didn't think much of it. Maybe he was a professor?

We take them to the Tabernacle. Acoustic Demonstration. He gets up before and starts speaking some other language and then sits down.....Okay. Maybe he is a really kind member who just wants to help out?

We go out by the Temple and everyone scatters. Selfie sticks everywhere. Lines trying to take pictures with us. Odd poses. The works. The two groups of 50 join together and become one giant group of 100 and they all want to go to the Christus as the last spot. The whole thing is being coordinated by the woman who speaks with the Teacher and then to the sister leading the tour. This is what they had come to see!

We get there and something feels off. My companion finds out that they are all here to receive the Teacher's energy.....
They're running up to the Christus all sit down around it and look waiting. They put their hand on their knees palm-up and the Teacher begins speaking before the sisters can. . . Situation out of control.

First, you have to release all bad energy.....Coughing galore.

Then Teacher can give you his energy. They all raise their arms and shake.

100 Asians all surrounding the Christus shaking. We are just missionaries! We don't have the skills to handle this!
I don't speak Mandarin! Other sisters don't speak Mandarin and Teacher definitely did not speak Mandarin. Everyone tries to tell them that they can't do this here. But they trade energies anyways and we end playing the words of Christ over the whole room.....
I don't know what it is but my companion and I meet the strangest people.

We also met a witch (wicken?). And was with this Australian pluralist? who every time he spoke would wait for someone to applaud as if he had just received some grand epiphany about how the world works. (I don't think he realized he was talking to two missionaries who know a little bit something about how God's okay because we informed him...) He is here for the world-wide religions parliament convention which is occurring this week.

People of every religion will be flowing through Temple Square and coming to learn about the gospel. God truly is aware of all of his children and all will have the opportunity to learn of His divine nature! Why else would there have been two convention centers built within 20 minutes of Temple Square!

I know that this church is true and that the Book of Mormon truly is the convincing evidence. We can not seek for facts, we can not seek for numbers, nor can the truth or nature of God be quantified or measured. He is all knowing, all reaching and all loving. The evidence is in the testament of His son Jesus Christ that He has provided for His children. The evidence is in the word and the evidence is in the power of the Holy Ghost.

This transfer is the keystone transfer. Studying the Book of Mormon and pray. Every time we read we can receive revelation and we can feel the love of God. It is so important.

I love you all so much and miss you more than you know! I hope you are all doing well and know that I am truly enjoying every minute of this special time when I can serve the Lord with all my heart might mind and strength.

The Sky is Blue
The Church is True
Sister Eging

PS -- We get to give tours at the Humanitarian Center every Monday! (And sometimes there is no one coming for tours.....) So we get to help sew blankets!!!

Me sewing (from Melissa's mom, "Emily -- did you ever think you'd see that?"):


October 7: Let's Get This Conference Started!‏

General Conference.
Oh General Conference.
So many words I could use to describe general conference.
Hectic. Loud. Spiritual. Member-filled. Protesters. The works. General Conference.

So if you have ever experienced General Conference on Temple Square that about sums it up but if you haven't or would like to know what it is like for a missionary on Temple Square read on.

The missionary's schedule on Temple Square is very VERY busy, 24/7 all year round. General Conference comes around and we times that by 1 million! 13 straight hours on Temple Square talking with people, members, anti's, confused tourists in jeans, you name it we talk to them. With 20 minute lunch and dinner breaks there is rarely (if any) down time. So you could say it was a pretty hectic weekend to say the least. But with all of the work it is always so much fun to see familiar faces, be surrounded by members, and hear the interesting stories of where people came from and what they had to sacrifice to come to General Conference.

To begin, yes, we do get to attend 1 session of general conference. And my companion and I were able to attend the Saturday Afternoon session! How cool is that!?!?! We sat off to the left side only about 6-7 rows from the front. We all got to see President Monson as he stood up and spoke and Elder Cook as he entered from the wrong side I guess. It was amazing to have the opportunity to sit in live during that most historical general conference, hearing three new apostles of the Lord called. These men truly are chosen by divine inspiration.

After the session we walk around trying to talk to members.....(who sometimes don't want to talk) and seeking out anyone wearing jeans. And the miracles were amazing. There is one specifically I would like to share. My companion and I were speaking with this older couple, who were very closed off to the church. They did not want to listen or hear the prophets speak at all (general conference is broadcast over the loud speakers on Temple Square), so we talked to them about the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, who just so happens to perform in between speakers. The gentleman was very upset and did not even want to have to listen to them speak at all, no way no how did he want to hear these men of God talk. So we talked about how important families are and begin talking about the Family: A Proclamation to the World (this is a document that the Prophet and twelve apostles wrote about 20 years ago encouraging everyone to place family and the teachings of Jesus Christ as a priority, much needed just before the disintegration of family life within our modern day culture). They loved it. And just as I was talking about it we hear, over the loud speakers, the speaker loudly and clearly says "The Family:A Proclamation to the World" and begins quoting it. I tell them that the speaker is actually explaining it right now and for a good two-three minutes we sit in silence as these people who were so closed off to the gospel and the idea of a living prophet, listen intently to their words. By the end the woman says that she is going to bring that document back to her church and show it to her pastor because it is truly an inspired piece. Hearts were softened, if only an inch, and a miracle occurred that day :)

So in summary Conference was a blast, unfortunately because we don't hear all of Conference I have no idea what "ponderizing" is or what any of the other speakers talked about. I am going to have to study up. Since then my companion and I have been trying to catch up on sleep (we get 1 "sleep-in" day after Conference hallelujah!) and fight being sick.....because we have gotten sick..... All in all such a great week.

We also had our first day in the Humanitarian Center. Seriously if you don't know anything about the Humanitarian work the church does I encourage you to look it up because it is amazing. The Church helps EVERYONE.......

Fun Story: Yesterday my companion got a personal referral!.......for her dating pool...... We met these two people visiting and after they left the girl came back and had the desk call us because she had a "teaching referral" for my companion. Apparently her friend thought she was cute so the girl ran back without him to give her his address. And so my companion’s "teaching pool" gets bigger and bigger every day. hahahaha

(Shoutout to my home girl Emily Gore for being called to serve in the California Roseville mission! What what!?)

Sky is Blue
Church is True
xoxo Sister Eging

PS – My new companion is really great. She likes running and yoga and juicing and all that good stuff! So we get a long pretty well. She's pretty quiet. But it's been a lot of fun. We are announcing choir coordinators together 5k team leaders within our apartment complex! We are now roommates with two other sisters too, one, who is from Pakistan and another from Tahiti! I didn't even know there were members in Pakistan but we have one.

We also had a special guest after general conference. John Schmidt from the piano guys and his family came and played the piano for us :)

At Saturday's afternoon session of conference:

 Running into friends:

Saturday, October 31, 2015

September 30: 2nd PDay in Row

Sooooooooo transfers at Temple Square are a little different. In fact the mission in general at Temple Square is a little different. Instead of all missionaries having pday on Monday we actually rotate pdays. My preparation days for the past two transfers have been on Tuesday.... this transfer my new p-day is on Wednesday! What exactly does that mean you ask? Quite simply it means that I have two p-days in a row this week and have already written emails to everyone! But we still get two hours of email time so here I am sitting, writing. Fun stuff. Sorry to annoy all of you but eh what else am I going to do with 2 hours of email time and no one to email me back?

Pros and Cons of this upcoming transfer

I am no longer in training!
I live in some really nice apartments now!
There is a gym in my new apartments
my companion is from Australia so people actually want to talk to us!
New companion likes to run
I am no longer in training so I get to be my own missionary

I am no longer in training so I have to be my own missionary, no more relying on my trainer
I had to move apartments which was a hassle (we have a ton of stuff)
My companion is from Australia so she only speaks English as well
There is a gym in my apartments so I don't really workout with the other sisters
I am no longer in training :(

I don't have much else so I'll just keep making lists

-general conference
-mission 5k
-carving pumpkins
-serving in humanitarian center (you get free food!)
-using the new gym
-serving around new sisters
-making food
-eating food
-trying other people's food
-going on runs with the new comp

Food I wish I had more access to
-whole foods
-thai food
-afghani food
-five guys
-mustard based bbq sauce
-lamb with coconut cream and tarro
-acorn squash with sausage

I heard maze runner 2 is out in theaters... cool
and Donald Trump is going to be president.... If that's not a sign of the second coming I don't know what is.

Yesterday was our last pday with Sister W before she heads back to New Zealand, its okay because our kids are going to serve missions together too so the chain will not be broken. (Sister W’s father served his mission with Mike in New Zealand 30 yrs ago).

There were a lot of Mandarin speakers on square.
Like 20 Mandarin to every 1 old couple on vacation. So not too many people that me and my companion could talk too....

Cool contact though. We met these two women from Panama and they were sitting up by the statue of Jesus Christ. One spoke English, the other did not but they both felt the spirit so strong. It was the kind of conversation that you get goosebumps from, the spirit was that strong. Ah so good! So cool.

September 29: Funerals, Flu Shots and Transfers

The week started out pretty grand not going to lie. We had Surf and Turf at the secretaries for the mission’s apartment and got to play didgeridoos. Yeah. Legit African didgeridoos...... I felt pretty pro. I mean I played the trumpet so this couldn't be too much harder. It was really nice to have a home cooked meal (the steak was some of the best I'd ever had....sorry dad).

And then later in the week we got to go to the Church History Museum! It's open, it's open and so freaking cool! They have an entire display all about the church history that begins with this really awesome first vision film. You then walk through all of the places the pioneers went to and there are amazing things to explore. It's all interactive and what was really cool was the parts that explained the "touchy" subjects of church history. i.e. polygamy, separation of church and state, persecution, etc. etc. and told both sides of the story. The pioneers had suffered so much and still had so much faith it was amazing. Definitely something I have to go back to. There is also an entire art gallery of religious paintings and a historical artifact collection that goes through each modern day prophet. I just want to take everyone to the museum because it is awesome!

Now to the interesting stuff.

As most, if not all, of you know the beloved apostle, Richard G. Scott, passed away a week ago. As a missionary on Temple Square we get the amazing opportunity of being able to attend the funeral service. I don't know why but there is just something about an LDS funeral that you don't find anywhere else, especially the funeral of an apostle. This is not a time of mourning but truly a time of rejoicing as this faithful servant of the Lord has passed on into the presence of God to there remain with his dear wife. I learned so much about Elder Scott that I never knew and that truly gave me a new perspective of the gospel and of apostles. Elder Scott was raised in a part-member family, with a less-active mother and nonmember father. As boy he rarely went to church. As he grew up there were many people in the ward who supported him and helped him gain faith in God. What was really funny was how Elder Scott decided to serve a mission. It was his future wife who told him she would only marry a return missionary who put God first. And so he served a mission. It was there that the foundation of his faith grew and he came to know God. How amazing that we had an apostle with such a background. That they did not all have perfect cookie-cutter lives but truly did struggle and search for the truth as each one of us do on a daily basis. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is real and I know that it can change the lives of all men for the better.

Flu Shots
We got flu shots.

And Now what you all have been waiting for!!!!! Buhm buhm buhm BUUUUHHHHMMMMM

I am now in my third transfer!!! My new companion is from Australia and I am now serving one day a week in Humanitarian Center! I am so excited! I get to move into the nicer apartments that has it's own gym AND I get an Australian companion! So cool! I'm not with her yet but tomorrow will be my first day with her (it also happens to be my new pday....meaning I have Wednesday pdays now!)

Conference is soon approaching which is a big deal here so watch for pictures in the Ensign (you might see your favorite missionary!) We get to go to one session! But all of you at home should be preparing to watch all of them! Especially think of a question or a problem you have been struggling with lately and as you go into conference with that question in mind I know you will get your answers!

Sky is blue, Church is true and the Temple was built from 1853-1893
PS -- Also remember to feed the missionaries! Its so cool, even though we don't get dinner appointments or anything like that, we sometimes get our food paid for at restaurants and stuff like that. Seriously means so much!.

I am now also the announcing choir coordinator hahahahahaha

My zone before transfers:

Angel Moroni:

Sept 22: The Fruits of Our Labors

This week was a very special week for my companion and I. If you haven't heard the story of one of our investigators, or even if you had, let me tell you again.

We met him and his son my first Sunday at Temple Square. He gave us all of his contact information and was so excited to learn more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! We got to call him over the course of these past twelve weeks and watched him progress in the gospel. He has been meeting with the local missionaries and his whole family began taking the lessons. This Saturday he and his family entered the waters of baptism and I could not be happier.

Though we were not able to Skype his baptism, due to some "technical difficulties,” we were still able to see the fruits of our labors. I'm so grateful that the Lord has allowed me to be a part of this family's baptism, though to be honest we really didn't do much. We were able to see the change within them and they have been blessed for it. It's true what they say, family life is happiest when centered upon the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Oh! I got to make my first call to Africa! That's right you heard it here first! We called an investigator in Africa who wanted to join the church! He unfortunately lives too far away from a church building so he is unable to be baptized...or taught any longer. But, I know when the church does enter that area that they will find people there with such strong faith and the work will take off

Also, there are so many perks of being on Temple Square, (sometimes I feel bad because I feel so spoiled.....then I remember all of the antis we meet on a daily basis...) (antis – there are people who are against the church who hang out at the entrances of temple square and try to hand out anti-mormon pamphlets and talk to people, hence the nickname of antis) One of them (perks) being that we are able to eat in the Church Office Building Cafeteria (COB)....I know I know high class, ritzy, so fancy. However little do you know that there is a rumor that every Thursday the prophet goes to the COB around lunch time to get a slice of peach pie and ice cream....Naturally we had to go on Thursday and wait by the peach pie. We went, No Prophet. We ate lunch. No Prophet. We went back for seconds. No Prophet. We had to get a cookie. No Prophet. We walk slowly out of the building and desperately search for old Thomas S. Monson. Still no prophet. And just as we walk out we hear a hello sisters! And guess who it was!?!?!?!
No. Still no Prophet. BUT it was Elder Bednar! President Nelson! and Elder Rasband!(idk if I spelt his name right)

Yeah! Get pumped!

Unfortunately we were all American and had one kiwi (New Zealander) with us so we weren't quite foreign enough to cause much of an excitement among them. But still really cool to walk past them!

Soooo that's about it... Until next time.

Fun Fact: The Assembly Hall on Temple Square was built from 1877 to 1880. Only three years!

 Working the Booth:
My mom's favorite:

Friday, October 30, 2015

September 15: “Oh How Lovely Was the Morning”

It was the worst morning ever. Me and my companion had not been able to exercise all week so we were excited to finally get our morning workout in. We go workout on the track right by our apartments, kind of wondering why today no one had showed up. But it didn't bother us, that meant we got the whole track to ourselves.

We get home, shower and as we start getting ready. One of the Sisters who was chilling in our apartment asked us why we hadn't left for the meeting yet......We had an 8 am meeting that we didn't know about so we book it over there leaving pretty much everything at home.

No worries, meeting over, we decide we can run home and grab what we left. On the way home we meet another set of sisters who ask why we aren't going to the emergency meeting. Okay something was wrong with our phone, I swear, because we were not informed about any of these meetings. So no makeup on, no food, no ipad, nothing, we run back to Temple Square......
But the Lord was aware and our terrible, horrible, no good, very bad morning did a complete 180. Our emergency meeting was called by none other than President Russell M. Nelson, President of the Quorum of the Twelve.

I wish everyone could've been there. There is no way that you can deny the validity of the church when you are able to hear an Apostle speak face-to-face, shake his hand, and have the spirit witness so strongly to you that he is a man called by God.
Before the meeting even started he had us all line up so that we could shake his hand one by one.

We are truly living through the restoration. It is happening all around us and we are to be active participants in it. Whether it be for good or for bad we must make a choice. The time is now for all nations of the Earth to choose which side they are on. As President Nelson said, "Enduring to the end does not mean inhaling and exhaling until we die," It means being anxiously engaged in the gospel, continually fighting on the Lord's side and allowing Him to perform miracles through us.

President Nelson then opened up the discussion to answer any questions that we might have. Though I didn't have the chance to ask him my question I found that as he spoke he had answered all of the questions I was going to ask.

What a special experience. I am so blessed and so grateful that I was called to serve on Temple Square where apostles speak to us, and I daily bear my testimony of the restored gospel to all nations, kindred, tongues, and people .We truly are able to see the scriptures fulfilled before our very eyes.

"And it shall come to pass in the last days, when the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills, and all nations shall flow unto it."

PS -- Oh! I gave my first missionary talk this Sunday! A nearby ward asked us to come speak and it was the first time I didn't write my talk out word for word! We also got to sing a really cool musical number.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Short and To the Point

Hey everyone!

Sooooo quite a lot has happened this week but I will try to be short and to the point (as I have learned I can talk a lot when giving tours..... I want to make sure they know the gospel ok??) haha but this has literally been the week of the living dead. My trainer was out all week with a sore throat and it turns out she had strep (yay!) So I was on one big exchange this week with a sore throat with my District Leader and Zone Leaders, just being passed around like the hottest freaking potato in the world. Luckily I haven't gotten sick at all which is a miracle. PHRASE! Seriously a miracle as most of our zone was out sick, and our zone is the only zone who covers the Beehive house (jeepers creepers we had to take double shifts and find covers because everyone was out.) But we survived you best believe it we survived. And found a lot of new people to teach as well. 

Okay so perk of serving at Temple Square. For companion study we get media time.... this means we can watch mormon movies in huge theater in the Visitor's Center all by ourselves. We GET THE WHOLE THEATER. So of course snacks area a must (shoutout to my sister Michelle! We made the no-bake cookies and ate them in the theater :). We watched Legacy which is this super cheesy pioneer love story. The closest thing we have to a chick flick. Check it out. For real you'll laugh. You'll cry. It's that cheesy.

Speaking of food hahahahaha.......we have run out. Like no money. Just boxes of cereal and eggs, It's been really cool though to see the Lord provide for us. There are a lot of places out here that offer free food for missionaries (woot woot) and I have never received so many packages filled with food or had so many opportunities for free food in my life. Seriously the Square is never like this.

Mmmmmmm Oh! Today we are going to East High. Thrownin it back to those high school musical days. And we will get to see Sharpay's and Troy's lockers. What team? WILDCATS. GUTTY HEAD IN THE GAME. Super pumped. AH! I'm trying to think of what else happened.... I really need to start writing a list of things to include. I'll start that next week.

PS-- Also I passed off on tours today! (jumping for joy attached) This means I am certifiably able to give tours. It also means a free meal at the Lion House (restaurant). I also got to attend Music and the Spoken Word!

Stay Cool, 
Sister Eging

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week Two

Hey everyone!!!!

2nd week in the field and loving every second!

Temple Square is amazing, I feel like I learn something new every single day. Last p-day (p-day is a missionary's day "off") we hiked Ensign peak in a total of 20 minutes sprinting both ways, so this p-day we will take it a lil easier. 

Just a fun story from Temple Square that I want to share...

So as I have stated before, you meet a lot  of interesting people on Temple Square. Some are nice, others are eeexxxxxtreeeeeemmmmeeelllllyyyy sketchy. So I was standing on the ramp by the Kristus (large statue of Christ) and these two kinda sketch guys walk up. I say "Hello How are you!" and they mumble to me "We have to do something real quick." Alright fine. A couple minutes later they both walk down, one continues out of the building the other stops and talks with me and my companion. He starts urgently telling us to open the Book of Mormon. He pulls out his copy and flips to a page and reads pretty much the entire page to us and then yells "Do you know what this means!?" Nope, sorry, nope, keep moving. Another Sister comes over and starts talking and now the guy starts pretending he is a member but doesn't know anything about the church. Like literally nothing. He then all of a sudden looks around and books it out of the Visitor's Center. Flat out sprints away from there. So me, being me, I run out of the Center too. Shoot I'm not staying in some place that could have a bomb or something in it. (Thanks mom for the paranoia lessons.....) So I freak out and refuse to go back in the building, my companion doesn't want to go in either and my District Leader is just trying to get us to chill out. HA. Yeah. Nope. A security guard walks out, asks us what the problem is and then goes to check out the Kristus..... and as you can tell by the lack of news coverage at the Temple Square..... there was no bomb.... Now the security guards think it's so funny that I ran out of the building.....Will probably never live that down. At least now they know who I am so I can announce at the end of the day "Attention Everyone, the Visitor's Center is now closing. Please make your way to the nearest exit. Have a great Day." Which is super fun.

Soon this week. This week, this week.

I have been put on shift at the Beehive House (Brigham Young's Home) Where I  give tours, twice the history to learn and twice the amount of ways to apply it to people. 

Welp not much else has happened. The work here is amazing! This past week we had so many miracles of so many people who wanted to be taught lessons and a couple more who wanted to be baptized. It's amazing how a lot of people are so open to the gospel all we need to do is ask and invite.

Also I taught a lady who was from mainland China today! Unfortunately she goes back to China in a couple of days so we won't be able to teach her. It makes me so sad. She was so excited to read the Book of Mormon and wanted all of the pamphlets and everything. She gave us her information so that when China finally does open for missionaries she can get in contact with them. There are so many people that flood Temple Square from China and they want to learn more, but as soon as they cross back into China we aren't allowed to have any contact with them. 

Well That's all, Love yeah all

Sister Eging

Thursday, July 30, 2015

First Email from the Square

First email from Temple Square woot woot! So my p-day is now on Tuesdays so I had to wait a while to email you all! Everything is going great! I left the MTC early at like 4:30 a.m. and then spent the entire day on the square talking to people and preaching the word! I have my trainer, a really nice, Sister. She is from California and is awesome!

We live in Apartments which aren't too bad. There are three different complexes, #1 (infested with mice and all that good stuff), #2 (ehh they're aight), and #3 (pretty much celestial apartments). Oh and guess who is living two floors above me! A elder couple of missionaries. From Chardon, Ohio. I sort of recognized them but didn't realize who they were until I was talking and said I had lived in Ohio. How cool! They are serving a senior mission here!

I have seen Elder Uchtdorf driving out of the MTC and have a picture of him that if you zoom in really close you can totally see his face. Yeah photography at its finest. Also this past week I got to attend Elder Packer's funeral and see the Prophet speak and ALL of the apostles (except Uchtdorf he couldn't make it). It was really cool and the spirit was so strong. 

The work out here is amazing. There are so many people to talk to and contact and though most don't really want to hear it (we tell them anyways) there are those few who really are ready for the gospel in their lives. On Sunday the first man we talked to gave us all of his info and said he wanted to meet with missionaries again! And then there was this family that we took on a tour who at first didn't really understand the gospel or how it could bless lives but after talking to them we showed them God's Plan for Families and they cried and asked to send missionaries and wanted to stay in contact. We talk to everyone so that we are able to find those that are ready for the gospel. 

Oh and on Friday after Elder Packer's funeral some of the Sisters (me included) got to go to Brighton camp, a girls camp bonding thing, and go zip lining and do all those ropes coursey things. It was so much fun! I don't have my camera with me at the moment but will send pictures next p-day! Also we get iPads soon! So I can take pictures on that etc. and make people watch mormon movies! YEEEEETTT! We should also be getting Facebooks soon but I'm not sure when.

I know how to introduce myself in Chinese! And got to speak Japanese to another lady. I have met people from India, China, Japan, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Russia, London, and soooo many different places! Wo Shu E Jai Mai. Watashi no namae wa Eging des. Super cool. This gospel is true and everyday that I live it I just receive more and more confirmation it's amazing. God is good and I miss you all!

Also I have met so many people from Virginia! There was a school teachers conference up here!

Do people still hashtag? Have they come up with new lingo I haven't heard of? Do I sound stupid for using #? That's okay I'll use it anyways!
Fun Fact: The benches and pillars in the assembly hall are actually made of white pine and painted  to look like oak and marble. Also I have gotten to use a megaphone to give tours! 
Well have a good day. 

 I got to work at the Beehive House too!! Man this letter is all over the place! So sorry about that. Anyways love you all! Continue reading the scriptures! Invite people to church all that good stuff! I never realized how much missionaries relied on members but what they say is true. The true missionaries are members. You are able to do so much more to further God's work! Love you!
Sister Eging!
Arriving at temple Square Mission (Starts in the garage and all their items are sniffed by "bed bug finding" dogs).

At Brighton for zip lining and rope courses.

4th of July with this cool Elder  at the MTC

From the Missionary Momma: (Sorry for the delay of updating you guys on how Melissa is doing) We received a letter from Melissa's mission president and included a link to the Temple Square mission blog 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Last Week At The MTC

Hey everyone-- This week was my last week in the MTC! I leave next Wednesday and could not be more excited.... Lets seeeee

So we said good-bye to all of our investigators last Friday and one of them shared a really awesome story with me and my companion. It's the story of the bent nail and the basic just of it is that we are all bent nails,  hurt from sin and guilt. We can't fix ourselves or  others by ramming our heads together. That only makes us more bent. But through love and "pats on the back" the nail can slowly straighten out. It was a really cool story I loved it. 

Then on Tuesday morning at 3 a.m.!!! The two other Temple Square Sisters and I walked our district down to the buses as they head of to Indiana and West Virginia. It was so unbelievably sad as we stood outside and watched the buses roll out. Now we are just a trio. Before they left all of the Elders gave us blessings of comfort. It was amazing to hear exactly what I needed to hear from a couple of nutty eighteen year old Elders. The Lord truly does speak through us. What was really cool was that in this blessing Elder Porter said exactly what was said in my setting apart. How cool is that!?!?

This entire week has been spent training to talk with people on and learning how to give walking lessons at the Visitor's Center. We practiced teaching and learned how to politely tell people "No really I'm okay, my soul will be fine." As they would log on to chat and try to convert us. That was a weird experience. Then we got to go onto Temple Square. This entire week has been focused on not being just a tour guide and instead helping everyone who comes to the square have a conversion experience. This means truly teaching by the spirit and letting the Lord guide the conversation experience. What was truly amazing was being able to contact people on the streets. Sister Kratzer and I got to talk to so many people were genuinely interested and ready to receive the gospel. 

Uhmmmm well that's about it. I don't really have much more else to say.... We made a giant blanket fort out of our room.....uhm... in the vents in each room there is usually little treasures hidden. Our vent had like 6 Dr. Peppers.

We now have a new District of strictly Visitor Center Sisters. Most of us are going to Temple Square but there are a few going to Mormon Battalion, and the Washington D.C. Temple!!! The Battalion Sisters have to wear pioneer costumes so I'd say I lucked out in that department....

Your letters are much appreciated and I love every time I get them! (I only get a short time on the computer so I will have a better chance of getting to write you back if you write me the "old-fashioned" way via the US postal service,  however, if that doesn't work for you please keep writing emails, I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.) Here's my new address starting Wednesday!

Sister Melissa Miriam Anne Eging
Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission
50 N. West Temple St.
Salt Lake City, UT 

Also I'm going to try and petition for a Temple Square puppy. I'm pretty sure everyone would be cool with it. I'd give up my bed. Ell Luhv ya all a bunch. The next time you hear from me I will be officially on Temple Square!
Love, Sister Eging

Hey Guys

I have seen so many people I know from BYU in the MTC it's crazy! Like a ton of people that I never thought I'd see again. How weird!?!

This week was so filled with so many different experiences I don't even know where to begin. We got to teach our first "investigators" this week which has really been a challenge but has helped me grow so much. My two investigators are both really tough cookies, and it has been really cool to see how the Lord works in mysterious ways. Yesterday me and my companion could not think of anything more to teach our investigators as they have been taught and already both have such a strong faith in Christ. So we prayed and walked in with no real lesson plan truly relying on the Holy Spirit to fill our mouths and I can not even begin to describe to you how strong the spirit was in those lessons. I can't remember what we taught or even what I said but the spirit was so strong it was amazing. Sometimes it is hard to not be discouraged especially when investigators are sooooooo close it hurts! But I just always remember that the Lord works in mysterious ways and maybe for that one investigator my job was just planting the seed or building their faith. You just have to put your trust in Him and He will do the rest. 

Soooooo other cool things of the week. It is Mission President Training week. This means the buildings that we normally use for things like the cafeteria and the gym are apparently no longer a thing hahaha. So we get fed Subway and Taco Bell, the breakfast, lunch, and dinner of champions. But actually it's really cool. There are apparently apostles here to train the new mission pres' but I have yet to see one no matter how hard I stalk or try to see them. SOOO FRUSTRATING. I JUST WANNA SEE AN APOSTLE IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK? Ugh. Well I still got to be taught by the new mission presidents of the London mission which was really awesome. They were so nice and his wife was like a perfect little surrogate mom to give hugs to. (Miss yer hugs momma). Along with the new mission presidents, we had a member of the seventy, Elder Foster, come teach us personally. 

How Cool!? Man to be on that kind of spiritual level. On a whole other note.... I had to move residence halls yesterday. Why you ask. Well indeed I will tell you why. Three letters. They turn into vampires. And apparently they live in the MTC dorms. BATS. They found bats in our dorm rooms so they called us into this emergency meeting and we are all prepared to hear an apostle talk, notebooks out, super excited, emergency talk from an apostle..... Nope just bats and a surprise hour long packing and moving excursion from one building to the next. GUYS. While I was packing and moving I had the coolest prayer experience. So one of the Sisters (she is also going to Temple Square) and I took the longest time to pack. We each had two bulking suitcases, a carry-one bag, and I had my care-package (filled with the most delicious coconut *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*). We start walking down to the elevator and everyone told us to turn back because it wasn't working. Well I said they just didn't have enough faith. Laugh at me they did and laugh at them I did while I rode that elevator all the way down to the first floor. Sister Kratzer's and my prayer worked!!!! It totally worked and the elevator doors opened and we were saved PUHAISE THE LORD!

So with all of that happening you could say its been a pretty eventful week. 
Well mission is going great. It's hard and very exhausting but I love every second that I am here growing and developing in the gospel. Though I had a testimony before I came out here it doesn't even begin to compare to the revelation and growth that I have made in this past week. I am truly grateful for this opportunity and have already been so changed that I can't imagine what the next 18 months have in store for me. I miss you all so much! Remember to write and stuff because I love getting your letters. (Side note from Melissa's mom--If you need her address, email address or info, just let me know).

Love You,
Sister Eging