Saturday, December 5, 2015

Dec 4 - Christmas Time Is Here!

(except for all the couples on Temple Square....they're the worst)

You heard it folks Christmas has finally made its way over to Temple Square! That means the lights are on in full force and the square is hoppin' from 5-10 pm every night!

It being filled with mostly members has made it slightly difficult to find people to teach as they all work with the missionaries back home and most just like to look at the missionaries (I feel like an exhibit in the zoo sometimes...)

But it is still possible and there have been many miracles!

One of them specifically has been K (we have been asked to not publish people’s names on our blogs, etc)! K is from Taiwan and living in California at the moment and has absolutely no religious background but something about Temple Square has touched his heart. He was here for a ski trip and then came for a tour in the morning. We invited him back the next night to show him Savior of the World video and then the following day to begin teaching him on Temple Square. He has been so prepared and already can feel the difference the gospel has been making in his life.

It is such a blessing to be able to be a part of that. I am so lucky and blessed to be an instrument in God's hand and love serving Him every single day. I have learned that in every major decision in life if we give it all over to God He will mold us into more than we could ever imagine.

Yesterday we were also invited to go and have brunch with a ward. The Relief Society spent months preparing everything for us. They sweetly made two huge vats of soup and rolls for us. It was very humbling to be there and to simply feel their love for us. It was a little awkward at first though because we had to go to a stake building and so our whole zone walked over together. We get to the building walk inside and all say hello very loudly and happily to the first people we meet.....they frown and don't look very happy to see us.....that's when we noticed it. We had just walked in to a funeral service!!! We back out of there real quick and turn the corner and realize we walked into not one but two funeral we go to leave the building we hear "Sisters! Over here!" and see an old lady waving us over into a side room. Apparently the ward is made up of very very VERY old people and a few very young couples so funerals are pretty common.

so yeah. That happened.

Well there's really not much else going on in the good 'ole Temple square.

The church has finally released the new Christmas videos (that we got to see a week before but weren't allowed to show was rough!). So if you haven't seen them please do! my favorite is the animated "A World Without a Savior."

I feel like often times we take many things for granted and the Savior is not one of those we should easily forget. The world would be a much different place had Jesus Christ not come down. His life was the single greatest event in the history of mankind. It was the pinnacle of God's divine plan for us. Let us not forget how important His birth was and the real reason why we celebrate every December.

Me and my companion:

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