Thursday, July 30, 2015

First Email from the Square

First email from Temple Square woot woot! So my p-day is now on Tuesdays so I had to wait a while to email you all! Everything is going great! I left the MTC early at like 4:30 a.m. and then spent the entire day on the square talking to people and preaching the word! I have my trainer, a really nice, Sister. She is from California and is awesome!

We live in Apartments which aren't too bad. There are three different complexes, #1 (infested with mice and all that good stuff), #2 (ehh they're aight), and #3 (pretty much celestial apartments). Oh and guess who is living two floors above me! A elder couple of missionaries. From Chardon, Ohio. I sort of recognized them but didn't realize who they were until I was talking and said I had lived in Ohio. How cool! They are serving a senior mission here!

I have seen Elder Uchtdorf driving out of the MTC and have a picture of him that if you zoom in really close you can totally see his face. Yeah photography at its finest. Also this past week I got to attend Elder Packer's funeral and see the Prophet speak and ALL of the apostles (except Uchtdorf he couldn't make it). It was really cool and the spirit was so strong. 

The work out here is amazing. There are so many people to talk to and contact and though most don't really want to hear it (we tell them anyways) there are those few who really are ready for the gospel in their lives. On Sunday the first man we talked to gave us all of his info and said he wanted to meet with missionaries again! And then there was this family that we took on a tour who at first didn't really understand the gospel or how it could bless lives but after talking to them we showed them God's Plan for Families and they cried and asked to send missionaries and wanted to stay in contact. We talk to everyone so that we are able to find those that are ready for the gospel. 

Oh and on Friday after Elder Packer's funeral some of the Sisters (me included) got to go to Brighton camp, a girls camp bonding thing, and go zip lining and do all those ropes coursey things. It was so much fun! I don't have my camera with me at the moment but will send pictures next p-day! Also we get iPads soon! So I can take pictures on that etc. and make people watch mormon movies! YEEEEETTT! We should also be getting Facebooks soon but I'm not sure when.

I know how to introduce myself in Chinese! And got to speak Japanese to another lady. I have met people from India, China, Japan, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Russia, London, and soooo many different places! Wo Shu E Jai Mai. Watashi no namae wa Eging des. Super cool. This gospel is true and everyday that I live it I just receive more and more confirmation it's amazing. God is good and I miss you all!

Also I have met so many people from Virginia! There was a school teachers conference up here!

Do people still hashtag? Have they come up with new lingo I haven't heard of? Do I sound stupid for using #? That's okay I'll use it anyways!
Fun Fact: The benches and pillars in the assembly hall are actually made of white pine and painted  to look like oak and marble. Also I have gotten to use a megaphone to give tours! 
Well have a good day. 

 I got to work at the Beehive House too!! Man this letter is all over the place! So sorry about that. Anyways love you all! Continue reading the scriptures! Invite people to church all that good stuff! I never realized how much missionaries relied on members but what they say is true. The true missionaries are members. You are able to do so much more to further God's work! Love you!
Sister Eging!
Arriving at temple Square Mission (Starts in the garage and all their items are sniffed by "bed bug finding" dogs).

At Brighton for zip lining and rope courses.

4th of July with this cool Elder  at the MTC

From the Missionary Momma: (Sorry for the delay of updating you guys on how Melissa is doing) We received a letter from Melissa's mission president and included a link to the Temple Square mission blog 

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