Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 4: So Many Stuffs

First can I start off with a big giant HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE LOVELY AND TALENTED AND BEAUTIFUL GWENDOLYN EGING!!!!! Shout outs all around! !

On another note, so much has been happening this past week! To start off I will tell you a tale of a missionary who should've known her general authorities a little bit better.

We were in the Tabernacle. Very few people to talk with so I was speaking with a RM (returned missionary) and his very less active parents when they wanted to hear an acoustic demonstration. I say yes and go to the front and realize there are a couple of people gathered on the stage already looking at the organ and security blocking it. I go up and ask if I can do an acoustic demonstration and he says knock yourself out! I go up. The man in a suit on the stage approaches me, smiles, says some words and goes to shake my hand. The whole while I'm thinking that this person looks strangely familiar. He says I can do the demonstration but quickly introduces me to his grandchildren and his wife, Sister Anderson. That's when it hits me......I JUST SHOOK HANDS WITH ELDER NEIL L. ANDERSON!!!!!!

In shock I go up and do the acoustic demonstration, pits sweating and all. I awkwardly go back, shake his hand again and get my stuff to leave. I shook an apostle's hand. TWICE.

Then in case you were wondering what missionaries on Temple Square do for Halloween! No we don't dress up :( I wish! But, we do get to go to the Temple! Because Temple Square seems to attract a lot of weirdos we closed the Square at 5, got free dinner, and then went to the Temple as a whole mission!!!!! It was nothing short of amazing! I love the Temple with all of my heart!

As some of you may know (maybe not) my companion and I have been in charge of the Announcing Choir this transfer (The choir that sings for everyone as they leave the Tabernacle on Sunday mornings). And we were asked to perform at a general young women's luncheon. We picked the songs, rehearsed, wrote different parts, the works and then got to perform for the current and former General Young Women's Boards!!! How cool! Afterwards Sister Oscarson and Sister Stephens, and Sister McConkie all came and gave us all hugs. WHAT!!?!?!?! Truly has been a week of meeting such spiritual and amazing people!

In other news this is my last p-day before the start of a new transfer. I will be going into my fourth transfer! I'm getting so old!! This means a new companion, new apartment, new assignment, new EVERYTHING. And I'm pretty certain it will all be new because MY COMPANION IS GOING OUTBOUND!!!! (this is where we get to go serve in a different mission for 3 months). She is going to the Tempe AZ mission and will no longer be on Temple Square :(

We change a lot here on Temple Square and I love it because it gives us the opportunity to grow and develop constantly becoming better.

The next time you hear from me may be a different day..... Only time will tell :)

Sky is Blue
Church is True
Sister Eging

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