Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Short and To the Point

Hey everyone!

Sooooo quite a lot has happened this week but I will try to be short and to the point (as I have learned I can talk a lot when giving tours..... I want to make sure they know the gospel ok??) haha but this has literally been the week of the living dead. My trainer was out all week with a sore throat and it turns out she had strep (yay!) So I was on one big exchange this week with a sore throat with my District Leader and Zone Leaders, just being passed around like the hottest freaking potato in the world. Luckily I haven't gotten sick at all which is a miracle. PHRASE! Seriously a miracle as most of our zone was out sick, and our zone is the only zone who covers the Beehive house (jeepers creepers we had to take double shifts and find covers because everyone was out.) But we survived you best believe it we survived. And found a lot of new people to teach as well. 

Okay so perk of serving at Temple Square. For companion study we get media time.... this means we can watch mormon movies in huge theater in the Visitor's Center all by ourselves. We GET THE WHOLE THEATER. So of course snacks area a must (shoutout to my sister Michelle! We made the no-bake cookies and ate them in the theater :). We watched Legacy which is this super cheesy pioneer love story. The closest thing we have to a chick flick. Check it out. For real you'll laugh. You'll cry. It's that cheesy.

Speaking of food hahahahaha.......we have run out. Like no money. Just boxes of cereal and eggs, It's been really cool though to see the Lord provide for us. There are a lot of places out here that offer free food for missionaries (woot woot) and I have never received so many packages filled with food or had so many opportunities for free food in my life. Seriously the Square is never like this.

Mmmmmmm Oh! Today we are going to East High. Thrownin it back to those high school musical days. And we will get to see Sharpay's and Troy's lockers. What team? WILDCATS. GUTTY HEAD IN THE GAME. Super pumped. AH! I'm trying to think of what else happened.... I really need to start writing a list of things to include. I'll start that next week.

PS-- Also I passed off on tours today! (jumping for joy attached) This means I am certifiably able to give tours. It also means a free meal at the Lion House (restaurant). I also got to attend Music and the Spoken Word!

Stay Cool, 
Sister Eging

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