Friday, November 20, 2015

Nov 20 - Miracles Happen


Okay so for the rest of the world I guess Christmas time isn't quite there yet but man, Christmas time IS HERE on the good 'ole Temple Square.

With that comes the lights, nativity scenes, and herds of people. HERDS.

As soon as Thanksgiving is over we will be packed every single night until the lights turn off. For us missionaries that means we have to stay up later to accommodate all of the people and we have to work even harder to find those who are prepared for the gospel to change their life.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, yes mom, they will take care of us :) A stake of the surrounding area has signed up for families to host us on Thanksgiving which is so special. Being a missionary on Temple Square we get little to no interaction with members and NEVER have dinner appointments (in short we live off of pb&h (peanutbutter and honey) and cereal) So it is such a big deal that we get to spend the afternoon with a family and get a nice home cooked meal. Eyes are watering just thinking about it. Ah I can't wait! And then due to my pday being on.....BLACK FRIDAY! We may just stop off at City Creek (because we can't drive because I have been #suspended from the car for 4 weeks....but that's another story)

This week we had the amazing opportunity to go and see the Church's musical production called "Savior of the World." We will be able to have extra tickets to give to investigators so that they may be able to experience this spiritual production. I'm not even kidding I cried like 4-5 times.....the mission's making me soft.

What really stood out to me was just how real the production made the story of Mary and Joseph. They were just normal people who lead good lives. They followed the commandments etc. but what truly made them special was why they were doing everything. It was out of love and out of duty to God. They forgot everything, every care, every worry, every thought and gave all they had to serving the Lord. They were willing to give their lives to build up the Kingdom of God.

That is what has really stuck with me this entire week. What am I willing to give up in order to be a better servant of the Lord. Am I willing to give up my exercise time in the mornings for all of the many meetings we have to attend? Am I willing to skip lunch or dinner to take one more teaching appointment? Am I willing to give all I have, the little vices, away? Am I willing to hold in complaints, erase negative thoughts, and more fully dedicate myself to the service of the Lord?

If everyday I am not changing and not sacrificing something more, then am I truly serving?

There is always more to give the Lord and I know that as we do this our worries and fears will vanish because we can always wonder about our choices and decisions but, if we leave it all to the Lord we never need wonder or worry.

I am so thankful to be serving a mission. To help others discover Christ and help them develop a relationship with their loving Heavenly Father. He is out there we just need to do a little bit of searching.

Sky is Blue
Church is True

Love Sister Eging

ps I am holding the empty peanut butter jar that Michelle brought me. Yes. I have already eaten the whole thing.

Pss -- Oh and the actor we took a picture with played Joseph and he plays Hyrum Smith in the Restoration movie 

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