Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May 17, 2016 -- From (sometimes) Sunny San Diego‏

SO we went to the Temple today and got home about an hour ago so if my
email seems really brief I'm so sorry but hey at least you know you
got the important stuff right?

Temple, is awesome. Like seriously the San Diego Temple is gorgeous
and looks straight out of a sci-fi movie, I love it.

We found some really cool people to teach this week. One of them was
a referral and she has already committed to be baptized on June 11th!

There's been a lot of adjusting of the last two weeks because with new
mission and new mission president comes new way of doing things but
I've learned a lot and really been able to grow and stretch a lot.

Also today is month 11......Yes I've been out for 11 months. This is
insane and the world is coming to an end.

The gospel is true and every day I receive a firmer witness of the all
encompassing plan that Heavenly Father has for each of His children.
Everything is part of that plan!

Love you All
I'll send more next week!
Sister Eging

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week 1 in Sunny San Diego‏

Well in case you had been just dying to know I did in fact arrive
safely to San Diego, met my new mission President, President Schmidt,
my new companion, Sister G, and the area.

I'm serving in the great wards of Hillsdale and Jamul (pronounced
Hummel..... Yeah go figure there's a road here named Jamacha and it's
pronounced Ha-ma-shuh!) Hillsdale is a pretty small area but has a lot
of neighborhoods and people to talk to while Jamul on the other hand
is this massive area in the hills of San Diego (it's beautiful and
I've decided I want to live in Jamul).

I met A LOT of ward members and have no idea how I am going to
remember them all nor am I quite sure how to work with ward members so
this will be a real experience and a half!

Oh and I am living in a members home so I officially have a new pet
cat and a pet horse and lemon and orange and avocado trees (I AM IN

We have some really amazing people we are working with and are
constantly searching to find new people. There is M. who is a recent
convert who tells her whole neighborhood about the gospel and is
currently trying to quite smoking again so we are doing everything we
can to help.

And then there is this sweet couple M. And L. L really wants to be
baptized and so we are working to help them get married so they can
both make this sacred covenant together.

We have found this really sweet family as we have been cleaning out
our Area Book (this things a mess..... Seriously like 100 plus
potential investigators) who hopefully we can come and continue
teaching them. I've learned so much just my first week. I love my new
companion so much she s awesome so send some love her way!

LOL (Lots of Luck?)
Sister Eging

P.s. Enjoy the picture of me with my new best friend Sue.

And an orange