Friday, May 29, 2015

I Love to See the Temple

Well hello folks!
No I haven't left yet, I am down to 19 days.
Can you believe it??
19 DAYS!!!

There is so much more I have to do and I only
have 19 MORE DAYS!!!

You know when you just get so excited that you can't fall asleep
and then when you finally do all you can dream about is what
was keeping you awake, and then you wake up like four
hours later because you're just that excited!?!?
No? Well that's how excited I am.

This week has been very important in prepping for the
BIG M (The mission)

All Important List of Mission Landmarks
1. Online shopping has increased by about 500%
2. I have less than 20 days so I'd consider that a milestone
3. I went to the temple!!!

What an experience!
Its always been one of my favorite buildings ever since being a lil' tyke seeing it from the car window.
Little known fact about the D.C. temple... apparently it is known as a fake disney land,
as in people driving by think it is a castle or theme park or something out of disney land!
Well it definitely brings on a roller coaster of emotions.
You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hug a stranger. Literally

*Word to the Wise*
Sister Missionaries are huggers
especially when they hear you are a soon to be missionary
and double especially when you tell them you're going to Temple Square.

Man. Am. I. Excited.
Meeting those Sister Missionaries right outside the temple and hearing their testimonies
 really got me thinking about my own mission and how excited I am to
have the opportunity to go and share the gospel to all the ends of the Earth.
Recently my mom shared with me how her parents (my G-parents)
were first introduced by Temple Square sisters!
And now I get to serve there and complete the circle....of life.

Strange, huh?
Strange that Heavenly Father knows each one of us personally.
He knows our past and our present
our thoughts and our actions
He is aware of every decision we make and
continues to love us through each one of them.

Well looks like I'm about done here
here's some more pics from
the temple

I'm so glad I was able to go through with my mom and dad!
They're the best, like the actual best.
Not the fake "world's best cup of coffee" best (or hot cocoa for those not Elf appreciative)
 but the real deal kinda best.
Ja feel?
Man love 'em so much.

Oh... and this pizza.
Cause it was dang good.
(Yes that is salmon, yes it is on my pizza, yes I may have cried)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Square One

Whassup everybody!?!? (Was that too forced? It felt forced.)

First post on my first blog how freaking exciting is that??

I have yet to leave for the mish  but thought I would share my mission call opening with everyone as well as let you all know what will be happening in the next month.

Since I don't leave until June 15th I  have quiiiite a bit of time to in short finishing every show ever made on Netflix and shoving a summers worth of memories into one month. This means swimming on swimming on swimming (since I can't really swim once I leave..). But really though I've got some heavy duty packing and  shopping to do before I leave,  (emphasis on the shopping). Once packed I fly all the way to the great vast desert that is Utah and say hello to my new home the lovely MTC. 

Seriously. Can't. Wait. 

I am so excited to begin this next chapter in my life and am so grateful for the opportunity to serve the Lord. I know it sounds a little corny but this gospel has blessed my life in sooooooo many ways that I couldn't think of anything better than sharing it with all the folks who wander onto Temple Square. 

So without further ado, and because I don't yet have any wise mission-y advice, I give you my mission call! Wooo!

Also big shoutout to all who helped me come up with blog names. 
*Blog Name Honorable Mentions*
~Livin' on a Square (This pun kills me....and for those of you not hip to the eighties here ya go)
~Sisters without Misters (Get it 'cause there are no Elders on Temple Square)
~Square Up (Get it 'cause square. Man puns on point.)
~Sister Squared (should have a little 2 in the corner instead of the word squared..yeah..didn't work out).