Saturday, October 31, 2015

September 30: 2nd PDay in Row

Sooooooooo transfers at Temple Square are a little different. In fact the mission in general at Temple Square is a little different. Instead of all missionaries having pday on Monday we actually rotate pdays. My preparation days for the past two transfers have been on Tuesday.... this transfer my new p-day is on Wednesday! What exactly does that mean you ask? Quite simply it means that I have two p-days in a row this week and have already written emails to everyone! But we still get two hours of email time so here I am sitting, writing. Fun stuff. Sorry to annoy all of you but eh what else am I going to do with 2 hours of email time and no one to email me back?

Pros and Cons of this upcoming transfer

I am no longer in training!
I live in some really nice apartments now!
There is a gym in my new apartments
my companion is from Australia so people actually want to talk to us!
New companion likes to run
I am no longer in training so I get to be my own missionary

I am no longer in training so I have to be my own missionary, no more relying on my trainer
I had to move apartments which was a hassle (we have a ton of stuff)
My companion is from Australia so she only speaks English as well
There is a gym in my apartments so I don't really workout with the other sisters
I am no longer in training :(

I don't have much else so I'll just keep making lists

-general conference
-mission 5k
-carving pumpkins
-serving in humanitarian center (you get free food!)
-using the new gym
-serving around new sisters
-making food
-eating food
-trying other people's food
-going on runs with the new comp

Food I wish I had more access to
-whole foods
-thai food
-afghani food
-five guys
-mustard based bbq sauce
-lamb with coconut cream and tarro
-acorn squash with sausage

I heard maze runner 2 is out in theaters... cool
and Donald Trump is going to be president.... If that's not a sign of the second coming I don't know what is.

Yesterday was our last pday with Sister W before she heads back to New Zealand, its okay because our kids are going to serve missions together too so the chain will not be broken. (Sister W’s father served his mission with Mike in New Zealand 30 yrs ago).

There were a lot of Mandarin speakers on square.
Like 20 Mandarin to every 1 old couple on vacation. So not too many people that me and my companion could talk too....

Cool contact though. We met these two women from Panama and they were sitting up by the statue of Jesus Christ. One spoke English, the other did not but they both felt the spirit so strong. It was the kind of conversation that you get goosebumps from, the spirit was that strong. Ah so good! So cool.

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