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September 29: Funerals, Flu Shots and Transfers

The week started out pretty grand not going to lie. We had Surf and Turf at the secretaries for the mission’s apartment and got to play didgeridoos. Yeah. Legit African didgeridoos...... I felt pretty pro. I mean I played the trumpet so this couldn't be too much harder. It was really nice to have a home cooked meal (the steak was some of the best I'd ever had....sorry dad).

And then later in the week we got to go to the Church History Museum! It's open, it's open and so freaking cool! They have an entire display all about the church history that begins with this really awesome first vision film. You then walk through all of the places the pioneers went to and there are amazing things to explore. It's all interactive and what was really cool was the parts that explained the "touchy" subjects of church history. i.e. polygamy, separation of church and state, persecution, etc. etc. and told both sides of the story. The pioneers had suffered so much and still had so much faith it was amazing. Definitely something I have to go back to. There is also an entire art gallery of religious paintings and a historical artifact collection that goes through each modern day prophet. I just want to take everyone to the museum because it is awesome!

Now to the interesting stuff.

As most, if not all, of you know the beloved apostle, Richard G. Scott, passed away a week ago. As a missionary on Temple Square we get the amazing opportunity of being able to attend the funeral service. I don't know why but there is just something about an LDS funeral that you don't find anywhere else, especially the funeral of an apostle. This is not a time of mourning but truly a time of rejoicing as this faithful servant of the Lord has passed on into the presence of God to there remain with his dear wife. I learned so much about Elder Scott that I never knew and that truly gave me a new perspective of the gospel and of apostles. Elder Scott was raised in a part-member family, with a less-active mother and nonmember father. As boy he rarely went to church. As he grew up there were many people in the ward who supported him and helped him gain faith in God. What was really funny was how Elder Scott decided to serve a mission. It was his future wife who told him she would only marry a return missionary who put God first. And so he served a mission. It was there that the foundation of his faith grew and he came to know God. How amazing that we had an apostle with such a background. That they did not all have perfect cookie-cutter lives but truly did struggle and search for the truth as each one of us do on a daily basis. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is real and I know that it can change the lives of all men for the better.

Flu Shots
We got flu shots.

And Now what you all have been waiting for!!!!! Buhm buhm buhm BUUUUHHHHMMMMM

I am now in my third transfer!!! My new companion is from Australia and I am now serving one day a week in Humanitarian Center! I am so excited! I get to move into the nicer apartments that has it's own gym AND I get an Australian companion! So cool! I'm not with her yet but tomorrow will be my first day with her (it also happens to be my new pday....meaning I have Wednesday pdays now!)

Conference is soon approaching which is a big deal here so watch for pictures in the Ensign (you might see your favorite missionary!) We get to go to one session! But all of you at home should be preparing to watch all of them! Especially think of a question or a problem you have been struggling with lately and as you go into conference with that question in mind I know you will get your answers!

Sky is blue, Church is true and the Temple was built from 1853-1893
PS -- Also remember to feed the missionaries! Its so cool, even though we don't get dinner appointments or anything like that, we sometimes get our food paid for at restaurants and stuff like that. Seriously means so much!.

I am now also the announcing choir coordinator hahahahahaha

My zone before transfers:

Angel Moroni:

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