Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week Two

Hey everyone!!!!

2nd week in the field and loving every second!

Temple Square is amazing, I feel like I learn something new every single day. Last p-day (p-day is a missionary's day "off") we hiked Ensign peak in a total of 20 minutes sprinting both ways, so this p-day we will take it a lil easier. 

Just a fun story from Temple Square that I want to share...

So as I have stated before, you meet a lot  of interesting people on Temple Square. Some are nice, others are eeexxxxxtreeeeeemmmmeeelllllyyyy sketchy. So I was standing on the ramp by the Kristus (large statue of Christ) and these two kinda sketch guys walk up. I say "Hello How are you!" and they mumble to me "We have to do something real quick." Alright fine. A couple minutes later they both walk down, one continues out of the building the other stops and talks with me and my companion. He starts urgently telling us to open the Book of Mormon. He pulls out his copy and flips to a page and reads pretty much the entire page to us and then yells "Do you know what this means!?" Nope, sorry, nope, keep moving. Another Sister comes over and starts talking and now the guy starts pretending he is a member but doesn't know anything about the church. Like literally nothing. He then all of a sudden looks around and books it out of the Visitor's Center. Flat out sprints away from there. So me, being me, I run out of the Center too. Shoot I'm not staying in some place that could have a bomb or something in it. (Thanks mom for the paranoia lessons.....) So I freak out and refuse to go back in the building, my companion doesn't want to go in either and my District Leader is just trying to get us to chill out. HA. Yeah. Nope. A security guard walks out, asks us what the problem is and then goes to check out the Kristus..... and as you can tell by the lack of news coverage at the Temple Square..... there was no bomb.... Now the security guards think it's so funny that I ran out of the building.....Will probably never live that down. At least now they know who I am so I can announce at the end of the day "Attention Everyone, the Visitor's Center is now closing. Please make your way to the nearest exit. Have a great Day." Which is super fun.

Soon this week. This week, this week.

I have been put on shift at the Beehive House (Brigham Young's Home) Where I  give tours, twice the history to learn and twice the amount of ways to apply it to people. 

Welp not much else has happened. The work here is amazing! This past week we had so many miracles of so many people who wanted to be taught lessons and a couple more who wanted to be baptized. It's amazing how a lot of people are so open to the gospel all we need to do is ask and invite.

Also I taught a lady who was from mainland China today! Unfortunately she goes back to China in a couple of days so we won't be able to teach her. It makes me so sad. She was so excited to read the Book of Mormon and wanted all of the pamphlets and everything. She gave us her information so that when China finally does open for missionaries she can get in contact with them. There are so many people that flood Temple Square from China and they want to learn more, but as soon as they cross back into China we aren't allowed to have any contact with them. 

Well That's all, Love yeah all

Sister Eging

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