Sunday, June 26, 2016

Everybody was Hot hot HOT!! (Insert that song if you're familiar with that one song...)‏ -- June 21, 2016

Well another week has come and gone in the good 'ole San Diego Mission.
For those of you who were not aware we had a massive amount of heat
this past weekend and it got up to 114 F (something Celsius for the
rest of the world). We slathered up with some good ole sunscreen and
went out to work (die, melt, you get the gist) and of course we also
had to make some home made sun baked cookies! (See pictures.....yes,
it actually worked).

Also this week marked me being out on my mission for exactly a year!
No way! I honestly can't even believe just how fast this past year has
flown by. There's ups and downs but it seriously feels like I blinked
and somehow landed here......

In other news the week has been really slow and it has been really
difficult finding people to teach but, we persevered and kept chugging
along. Nothing that a huge helping of overloaded optimism won't fix
(fake it till you make it). But we did have an amazing miracle of
being able to find T.

During one of our crazy Jamul days, that are spent 99% of the time
just trying to figure out where in the world a house would possibly be
out in the middle of the desert, we had just driven away from a
potential investigators home and down this street. Off of the street
was this little house with a pretty long driveway and this old woman
sitting outside by herself. So just before we drive away we decide ‘hey
lets go try talking to her’ (which normally doesn't happen out here in
Jamul). Well really we didn't decide but the spirit pretty strongly
(but not overbearingly that's the key haha) pressed us to go and talk
to her. We U-turn it and go to talk to her. As we approach we can
tell she is clearly not speaking English and we keep trying anyways
(hey I know how to say mucho mucho calor (though no...I don't know how
to spell it or anything else)). And all of a sudden her 20-ish year
old son walks out and he speaks English!!!! As we talk to him he tells
us that he has recently found his own spirituality but continues to
tell us that his girlfriend T is a member of the church! (Yeah
not on the list at all). T invites us in and she has been
inactive for years but has always driven past and wanted to go back.
We listen and teach and give her a copy of the Book of Mormon and will
be going back to keep seeing her and helping her come back. What
really struck me was when T was explaining how her grandpa was
such a huge part of her testimony and her being active but then he
passed. She said that she knew her grandpa had sent us to her.

Biggest lesson....follow the spirit. Even the little promptings, because they lead to BIG miracles down the road.

Love you all so much!

Happy Father's Day Dadddd and Happy Birthday mom!

I love you both!

Sister Eging

Sun-baked cookies; Driving; Got to do some mission yoga!; Mission cat; Fires in our mission but not near me.

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