Monday, June 6, 2016

(S)He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named‏ - May 24, 2016

This week has been a very very VERY interesting one to say the least. Don't worry the cat and horse are still alive and are doing well. (Tippy ((the cat)) and I have our nightly waltzes after planning so the relationship is blossoming beautifully).

We had what is called "MTE's" this week. Missionary Training Experiences (I think) for anyone not with the San Diego lingo. This is where we take like 2-3 zones and switch companionships up. All companionships are divinely inspired and for a whole day I was with Sister W, our Sister Training Leader (which is like a Zone Leader for those who have never heard of one before...because I hadn't...) and I learned SO MUCH!!! She was awesome at talking with everyone and had an almost fool-proof way of asking everybody if they needed service done on lawns, houses, moving or if anyone in the neighborhood needed something done! It was awesome because then people weren't immediately turned off by the name-tag and would actually stop to talk!

T, our investigator is doing well and is preparing himself for baptism. It's been amazing to see the changes in him. And we have found a couple of new investigators who really seem sincere!

This week we did a lot of trying to contact potential and former investigators that had been left behind or forgotten, they did not know the true meaning of Ohana.... for those of you who haven't seen Lilo and Stitch... I'm sorry..... It's a great movie.

And we ended up at this one house and they weren't interested so we ask "Who do you know?" Ah that famous question. "Well the next door neighbors go to church a lot." So we go to try them.....

And that's when we met her. She cracked open the door and stared at us with sunken eyes and in a low raspy voice asks "Can I help you?" SO we go on and explain and talk and she opens her door to show us her statues of Jesus Christ and then explains that she is a deacon. And as if to show us evidence rolls up her sleeve and shows off the meanest and baddest dark-mark tattoo on her forearm. She followed Voldemort! (Not really but it was a pretty cool tattoo).

Well that's my story for the week. Wish me luck in the missionary efforts this week! I love you all so much and have loved seeing the change in people's lives as they come unto Christ. I know that this work is true and that missionary work would NOT be successful without the help and support of the wards and members. You are all the heart of the church and you can touch and change the lives of so many. Don't ever underestimate your impact or your testimony and invite others to learn more. This is the fullness of the gospel! We should be sharing it :)

Give the missionaries in your home ward a little love and buy them a pizza or something :)

Lots of Love
Sister Eging

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