Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Think Outside the Border – June 7, 2016

Hey Fammmmiiiilllllylyyyyyy and friends and whoever reads this weekly
letter. I don't have a lot of time to write my weekly email so I will
stick with the important things of the week. First off,


Did you hear that!?!?!?!?!

Baptism with a Capitol B!!!

He is an amazing guy and has made so many changes in his life that
have lead him to this point. (We had a little scare an hour before as
he almost cancelled due to a lack of ties, pants, etc. But he showed
up!) What made it even more special was he was baptized on his 40th
birthday. What better day to be baptized on?

Then comes the epic story........ SO we cover two areas....Hillsdale a small nice community and Jamul, a large massive, mountainous range that stretches down to the Mexican border. SO often times we run into these crazy trails that we need to drive on in order to reach someone's house way out in the middle of no where and this Sunday was one of those times. Not only was this house way out there but you could see the Mexican border from our car (keep this in will be important later on in the story). We're driving along, have to pull down a dirt road and it's no problem. In fact it's beautiful straight out of a Lord of the Rings movie. We're chugging along and the road starts to get really rough. I'm hopping out throwing huge rocks out of the way and Sister G is maneuvering around them and many times we should've turned back but 1. No turn radius 2. We had already come so far and 3. This man needed the gospel! We get to this slightly steep crack in the middle of the road and I get out to direct Sister G on how to straddle the ravine with the car.
And it is at this moment that Border Patrol catches us.....

Big guy in a uniform walking down the ravine calling out to us "Are you crazy?"

"Yes sir, I feel slightly crazy"

"What are you two doing here?"

"We're missionaries!"

And then we explain just what we are doing out here. Then a second one walks down. They explain that this road just leads to the top of a mountain and that if we had gone any further we probably would've turned the car over. Then they tell us that they work with a Mormon. Awesome! As we talk they are trying to figure out what to do with us and a third border patrol man walks up. He looks at us shakes his head and says "sisters" then proceeds to shake our hands. Well these nice officers direct us how to back up and turn the car around and then escort us back to the main road and actually take us to the house we are trying to find WOOOO!!!!
They had all left their cars to go and get us because their jeeps always got stuck.....In fact they were amazed we had made it that far. Yeah Corolla power!

And moral of the story. When you see the border you've gone too far.

Love you all!!!!

Stay safe.

Love life, love the gospel.


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