Monday, June 6, 2016

Too Blessed to be Stressed (well okay maybe a little stressed)‏ -- May 31, 2016

Stress is my big topic for this week and something that I am learning
slowly and steadily to control and manage. This week was jam-packed
with events and lessons and many other stressors that would be enough
to make anyone crazy but we survived :)

What made this week so amazing though was the oh so wise council from
an apostle of the Lord. No, really, a living apostle in fact one of
(in my opinion) the coolest apostles, Elder Holland!

You heard correct, Elder Holland came to visit the mission. How's that
for some real luck! He came and on Friday we all woke up, put on our
nicest dresses, and drove to hear him speak and shake his hand.
To be brief what struck me the most was his overwhelming love for each
of us and his address focused on the love we need to have for
ourselves (or at least that's what I got from it) that we need to love
and enjoy our missions. Love the Lord and be obedient because we love
him. But, don't beat ourselves up over every little thing. It will all
work towards our benefit and as long as we have been converted than we
are successful missionaries. He also spoke on just how impactful
serving a mission is. It can and will change the very course of our
lives if we let it and if we let go of what is holding us back from
serving..... If you're thinking about serving a mission....take it to
the Lord, and FOLLOW HIM. Just do it if He tells you you need to.

Also in case you were wondering when the second coming is....
"I don't know, and you can quote me on that" -Elder Holland

Later that week we met M and S. Now how did we meet them?
Well we have been teaching T and sometimes we have to teach him
outside of Starbucks.... Which is the ultimate hang out for Arabic
speakers. After the lesson they stopped us and asked about the church
etc. We ended up having a pass-off lesson with them the next day to
give them to the Arabic Elders but, they were amazing. M was golden
and for so long had been studying the different Bibles wondering why
there are so many differences between religions. As we left that
lesson M asks about our badges. After learning that we spent only 2
weeks in a "training center" he turns and says "I will get that badge
in one".

Lastly I just want to leave you with my testimony that the Savior is
always there when we need Him. He will always lift us up and never cut
us down. We don't have to be perfect, we don't have to be successful
in the world's eyes because as long as we are trying, we are
successful to Him.

Also..... Please READ THIS TALK (it's what Sister G and I taught
to relief society on Sunday)

“One Thing Needful”: Becoming Women of Greater Faith in Christ
By Patricia T. Holland

"We must have the courage to be imperfect while striving for perfection."
Patricia T. Holland

Love you all so much!!!!

(Enjoy the pictures of me frolicking in the California fields and all
the horse and llama love <3 )


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