Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Transfer numero 9‏ -- June 14, 2016

Yeah. Another day, another Transfer, another week, month, year flies by.

So in way of updates I am staying with Sister G for my last transfer here in San Diego and we are staying in the Hillsdale/Jamul area!
(not nearly as many changes occur out here).

This week was pretty good....service, lessons, taught relief society, the works.

Oh and I experienced my very first California earthquake!!
It was the middle of the night and everything started shaking and got all loud all of a sudden. I was in this dream daze state, woke up, fell back asleep, and totally forgot it happened until the next morning when Sister G asked me if I felt the Earth quake!!! I thought I had dreamt the whole thing!?! I felt a little silly after that but it was still cool to say that yeah...I survived an earthquake (even if it was just a baby sized one).

This week however, there seemed to be a lot of reflecting on families and the importance of protecting them, and providing them with a safe, happy, spiritual atmosphere to grow in.

We have been so blessed to be welcomed into so many homes of members of the church who have their families centered on the teachings of Jesus Christ. There is no other way, no other pattern, no other source for which families can find as much happiness and peace as they will be able to have through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I just want to invite everyone to think of their families and think of 5 things that they’re grateful for. Share the love with your families (especially your dad this week :)
And look for families around who may not have the same foundation, may need someone to help or someone to guide them and offer that help. Look for service and missionary opportunities; they both go hand in hand.

I love you all so much and want to say Happy Father's day to my great dad who helped me get out on my mission.

I remember the stories of New Zealand, and your love for the food, the people, and the gospel. Thank you for your encouragement to read my scriptures and say my prayers, for reading the Book of Mormon with us over dinner, for providing us with much needed advice and correction.

For those who don't have the same kind of memories, who feel as if they're lacking in earthly parental figures take some time to appreciate and develop your relationship with your Heavenly Father. He knows you, He provides for you, and He loves you.

Lot and lots of love,
Sister Eging