Saturday, April 2, 2016

Conference Time Is Here – Mar 30, 2016

Yep you heard right.
Another General Conference is on its way.

For Temple Square sisters this means being able to teach and testify of the Restoration one million times over (as well as raiding everyone else's closet so that we can use their clothes for Conference...)

Sister G and I will be going to the Sunday Afternoon session so if you're tuned into Conference at that time look for a blonde American with a curly-headed Brazilian! (To find out where to see or hear General Conference go to and click on "watch general conference.")

This week I just want to talk about our miracles. Well miracle that occurred yesterday.

So yesterday morning we received serious training from the missionary department (we always have some type of training or reminder because.... #headquartersofthechurch) about just asking everyone, members of the church, non members, anyone if they knew anyone or if they themselves would like to learn more.

We are super pumped and decide to do so, with very little success....

We then go and take this family through God's Plan and it turns out they were all Catholic and one of the daughters is actually going to BYU. At the end of the presentation we keep talking and teaching and invite them to meet with Local Missionaries. The mom said that some already stop by occasionally so we left it at that. As we walk down the stairs I kept getting this impression that we needed to ask to stay in touch with them and teach over the phone. We go try and call one of our investigators who doesn't pick up...

As we walk back out I tell Sis. G that if we see the family again we are going to do it.....But I lied..... we ran into the family again and I got scared.... hahaha yeah I felt silly. But my rockstar companion made me follow through on my prompting and we circled around them before they could leave and got to stay in touch!!!! (FOLLOW YOUR PROMPTINGS!)

Then as we left we hear someone yell " Hey Sisters!!" We turn around and it is this woman chasing us down and saying "I have a referral for you!"

Yes we got chased down..... That never happens!

SO it was just some really cool realizations that when we do all we are supposed to and all that we can do then God will bless us. He doesn't want us to fail and He doesn't give us commandments to fail. Everything He asks us to do is for us to succeed and be happy.

Well yep.... this email was a little scattered haha sorry but it's all good!

Can't wait for Conference! Grab your pens, pencils, and some gold fish because it's going to be a good one this year :)

I know God loves us so much and it is such a blessing that after so long in darkness there is a living prophet on the Earth to lead and guide all of the children of God.

Love you all!

~Sister Eging~
A Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

After several pictures of Sister Eging trying to get her companion's attention, she finally succeeded!

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