Friday, April 29, 2016

Zone Conference - Apr 13

Well this week just about flew by and I'm trying my best to remember everything that happened.

One of the highlights would have to be Zone Conference because we have started to have one every single transfer!!!! Woooooo!

I was able to learn so much about inviting and how important it is that we just invite! JUST DO IT! Sometimes it may seem scary but when you don't you are making the decision for them and taking away someone else' s agency, which is the plan of Satan. And we don't want to follow Satan.

I also learned that I have the coolest mission President ever! So he was sharing some experiences from his mission and explaining how no matter where you are, missions are difficult. They are. There's just a lot of different things that make them hard, rejection, fear, culture, language. etc. etc. and then he told his story.....

Street boarding.

This is when missionaries took a poster board with a diorama of the Restoration and went to public places where they had to preach to everyone passing by. When they started this in the mission that President served in, he was terrified. Sick to his stomach and even after a few weeks of great success, still terrified.

Well after a couple of weeks of doing this as they were "street boarding" one day all of a sudden there is silence and who other than the police show up and say they are arresting all of them.

They were held for a couple of hours and then released and threatened to be deported. So with this in mind our President thought good, no more streetboarding. And when he called his mission president in Holland he was told quite the opposite. The next day he was to go back out and start again.

This was a huge test of faith for him but still he did it. The next day they did it anyways and they never had another problem with the police.

We are all human and it's natural to have fear. But, the moment that fear stops us or rationalizes us out of opening our mouths and sharing the gospel it needs to be quickly removed. God is a God of love, not fear. And perfect love casteth away all fear.

Oh and also highlight..... OUR FARR'S STAMP CARDS ARE FULL! (not super exciting but it means free icecream so woo!)

I love you all o much and hope you can all find the opportunity to rid yourself of fear this week by sharing the gospel and your testimony with somebody. You never know who the Lord has prepared to receive the gospel and you never know how your actions can help others prepare to receive it as well.

Eu amo vocĂȘ!

~Sister Eging~

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