Thursday, April 7, 2016

Heavenly Things: April 6, 2016

This weekend waaaasssss GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!

Which was crazy by the way.

There were so many people flooding Temple Square from all over the place and we were on our feet from 8:30 am to 9 pm at night!

But it was amazing to feel the spirit that was here and to teach those who had no idea what was happening the reality of living prophets and apostles.

I learned so much from being able to teach and testify of the Restoration and realized just how special it is that we have the privilege of listening to prophets and apostles. Men like Moses and Noah, Peter, James, and John. For such a long time there was nowhere in the world that you could listen to messages from God relayed directly through a prophet that had been given the authority to do so.

And it all started with a simple prayer of a 14 year old boy.

Man so cool (Can you tell our mission focus has been on the Restoration?)

We spent all our time finding people to teach, asking for referrals, and speaking a lot of Portuguese so that was really cool. (I can understand pretty well now. )

And then to end the weekend we had a guest speaker ALEX BOYE! Who if you don't know who he is...... thats okay. Because I hadn't heard of him until my mission when we play "I'm a Mormon" messages to people all the time. But, this is he.

So that was really fun and funny. And we got ice cream at the end so a win-win-win.

I think what I liked so much is that often time God has so many blessings that He wants to give us but there are little things in our lives that keeps us from receiving them. Things like negativity, comparing ourselves, and not being willing to change. God doesn't want us to be upset, sad, or angry. All of those thoughts are destructive and heed our personal progress.

Anyways it was really cool and I loved it a lot. I also loved some of the talks we were able to see. Namely Elder Oaks and Elder Holland's talks as they laid down the law and made no excuses for the gospel.

Well I love you all very much :)

Keep the love coming
~Sister Eging~

PS Funny Story

So this past weekend before Conference there were many meetings being held in the basement of the South Visitor's Center which is where all of our stuff is. Meetings for many of the 70 and Elder Christofferson was there too.

Well it was also a pretty stressful time in the Egalves companionship and we may have been having a bit of a cry sesh in one of the meeting rooms down the long hallway. Well just as we are wiping away our tears and crying some more we hear someone walk past, turn around, and come back to our room. And as we turn around there is Elder Christofferson with his hand out for us to shake. What the what!?!?!

So I know it doesn't sound that funny but seriously I could not stop laughing and as he walks away all we hear is Bom Dia sisters! Oi! Tudo Bem? And yes all of the seventy from all of Brazil come walking by and Sister G has this half smile half I'm going to cry/laugh any second look on her face as she says Oi! back to all of them.

I was dying.....

So funny. It really turned everything around hahaha and was hilarious. Even though I guess you had to be there.

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