Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Summer Begins – Apr 20

And things are starting to get really busy here on the Square which is always the best!

This week was the Burton's (a senior couple who serves here) last week so we had to say good bye today which was so sad but, it's okay we will all see each other again someday :)

This week we faced a lot of people who just did not want to hear it but, something I learned is that we as missionaries are not here to coerce, convince, or force someone to listen. We share the message of the Restoration and invite others to learn more. When they are ready and have a desire that is what we are here for. We testify of the truth that we know but ultimately everyone has their own agency.

So this morning I just want to talk about two things (because the rest of the week wasn't quite as interesting haha)

One, we took these two older couples on a tour. The wives were so sweet and loved us while both the husbands were convinced that we were not going to be saved and spent an hour trying to end the tour as they just kept repeating it over and over and would not let us go. I think that is when I finally understood the power of just pure testimony. At the end the wives gave us hugs and thanked us for our time (they tried to stop their husbands the whole time) But it was a good experience.


I. Helped. An. Old. Man. Cross. The. Street.

It was out of a movie. Sister G and I see this old man trying to start crossing the street and he couldn't do it. So we walk up next to him and pretend like we are going to cross the street and start talking to him when all of a sudden he asks "Would you like to help me cross the street?"

"WOULD I!?!?!?!"


I am a witness miracles happen!

But that's pretty much all for this week. Haha we are super tired but thats a good thing :)

Love you all so much!
Sister Eging

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