Saturday, February 6, 2016

New Year, New Tours, New President – Jan 7, 2016

Wow it has been a crazy good start to the new year.

Sister J and I have found some amazing people who really had a desire to learn.
(not always so common here when most people ask for the basic history.... WELL you're getting more than that!)

We took these four friends around who were all raised in the Bible belt of Mississippi. They knew the scriptures and the life of Christ like the back of their hands. And had soooo many questions. What was cool was I felt like I had been friends with them my whole life. Like Sister J and I had meant to take them around on the tour. It was probably one of my favorite tours ever and seeing their faces change throughout the tour made such a difference. It was to the point where at the end of our (hour and a half long!) tour when I asked if they wanted to read and pray about the Book of Mormon they said "why are you even asking?" Something had clicked and they were able to feel something different.

We also met this couple (from the Bible Belt as well) who were told by the wife's mother that they weren't allowed to go in or near any of our "mormon buildings". So the couple decided to walk around Temple Square. We found them by the Priesthood Statues reading and taking pictures of the plaques. As we explained the Restoration their eyes lit up. They wanted to know what was in the Temple and because they couldn't go in the building to see the Temple Model we stood outside describing each and every room to them. As we got to the Celestial Room the woman began to cry and tears rolled down from behind her sunglasses. They spent the rest of their time peeking in the tabernacle windows and listening to the organ through the doors. They couldn't take the physical copy of the Book of Mormon (as the mother would've died of a heart attack) They took a Book of Mormon download card they promised to read and pray about it saying that they would go home and "teach the mom a thing or two about Jesus Christ"

The message of the Restoration is the most powerful message we have to share. It is the testimony builder and the foundation of our faith.

We also went and did service today at Welfare Square making cheese and whatnot so photos to come (maybe....)

Love you all :))))

Happy New Year!!!

Oh and we are getting a new mission president next week :( So we all threw a surprise Relief Society Program for him and his wife. (We changed the words to the Lion King and I dressed up as President Poulsen) SSSSSOoOOOOOsosooso Funny :)

PS-- Also note that our mission president served in South Africa so in the middle of this presentation of other zones singing and crying and right after a touching slideshow of them... our zone breaks out and flashmobs NAAAANNNNNTTTSSSS INGONYAMA BAGITHI BABA!!!!!!!!!

 Behind the wheel again!  : )

Christmas snowglobe, Temple Square.

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