Tuesday, February 16, 2016

T-Ransfer 6: February 9, 2016

Well hello everybody!

Bet you all thought you had gotten rid of me but jokes on you because I'm still alive and kickin!!!

SO this past week was TRANSFERS!

No need to hold your breath any longer because.... BUH BUH BUH BUUUUHHHHHUBUBHUBHJBJYIGIHGSGIAUGMANZBKAJS





Sister G and I are staying together!!!
Yep I'm training this new 'lil Brasiliero (but really she's training me because she is awesome!)

Such a fire for the work. (as in she is taking chats at this very moment)

I've already learned so much from her and have started adapting to the bold Brazilian wayyys

Two days ago we had this amazing experience of committing someone to a baptismal date on the square! (granted his email turned out to be wrong) but he has met with missionaries and said he was going to go to church, meet with them, and tell them he wanted to be baptized on March 5th!

Sometimes we don't get to see all the fruits of our labors but I am determined to do as much as I can to help those fruits grow and turn out good :)

This also being transfer week on Temple Square and having missed a p-day Sister G and I have been running low on food but the Lord did provide.

Here is a list of the winning combinations we created out of our cupboard

-spaghetti and a bouillon cube

-oatmeal and protein powder

-bologna and bbq sauce

-peanut butter, jelly, and oatmeal

-basically any type of spaghetti and peanut butter

Mission life is the best life hahaha

On a more spiritual note our investigator P entered the waters of baptism this past weekend. He was a miracle who came on chat because he found a Book of Mormon and wanted to learn more. Though we didn't stay in contact with him throughout the entire process we were able to see just how far he came in just a short couple of weeks.

The gospel truly is simple and when applied sincerely it can change hearts and lives. I'm so grateful for every second I have to serve my mission and for everyone who is supporting me.

This truly is the greatest blessing to be able to increase my testimony while sharing it with others. I encourage you all to share your testimony with someone this week.

Also Happy Birthday to Uncle Chip! Love you!

Love you all so much!
(And wish me luck because......Valentine's Day is coming to Temple Square)
Sister Eging!

PS I got to drop off the R's to the airport! They are twins from
Pakistan. One served here on Temple Square and the other served in Arizona. On their last day here they got to contact people on Temple Square together.

My companion and I at Music & The Spoken Word.

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