Saturday, February 6, 2016

Tudo Bem! – Jan 28, 2016

Wow it is times like these I wish I could serve in Brazil for a little bit....(shout out to my girl Sister Chamberlain)

Our third companion Sister G is here all the way from Brazil and with her she brought her planners with former investigators from her mission. What is so cool is she can call them from here and see if they are still meeting with missionaries and then if they aren't we can teach them and help them reconnect with the missionaries. Can I just say....Brazil. Is. So. Prepared.

I love it. I wish I could speak a little bit more than bom dia and oi tudo bem but my Spanish is okay-ish enough that with the similarities between the two I can tell which gospel topic we are on (or where they are from )

It is so cool to be able to teach all around the world.

Not much else has happened this week. We are gearing up for transfers next week.... I will have a new companion, new assignment, apartment, everything so stay tuned.

This week I also learned a lot about finding those that will receive you, not waste time with those attempting to minister to you. For some reason or other this week I have met and spoken to Baptist preachers, Jehovah's Witnesses, and a religious transitional therapist (atheist) all trying to persuade me that they are correct.

And despite our best efforts and the spirit felt by all, many hearts are still very hard. The good thing is I feel as if I have been made stronger for it. As a missionary we are out to share this message with all, explain our beliefs, and invite people to act for themselves. When they are willing to act that is when we progress. However, I have learned a valuable lesson that if they aren't willing to change...but still want to talk... they are usually there to argue (or sometimes just really want to talk) hahahaha But with both it is important to not waste the Lord's time and to focus on finding those who are ready for the gospel. Those whose hearts are open and receptive.

Teach repentance, baptize converts. Let the spirit carry the message into the hearts of those we teach and be patient enough to allow them to act or not. We may not see all the fruits of our labors on our missions or even after but there are fruits enough to see in the next life.

I also want to invite all of you (dad you can be in charge) to start studying not just the Book of Mormon but preach my gospel as well. These are the basics of the church that all members should know and be preparing to share at all times. As our understanding and testimonies grow so will our desire to share.

Love you all :)
Sky is Blue
Church is still 100% true
Sister Eging

PS - Also funny story..... I made slutty brownies for our district meeting yesterday...... half the district doesn't speak english as their first language so they kept going around telling other sisters about the "slutty brownies" hahaha (note from Sis Eging’s mom – these are brownies that incorporate all kinds of bad for you stuff (like cookies, chocolate chips, etc) that she found on some recipe site a year or two to go . . . anyway, they came with the name and Melissa obviously shared their real name . . . so far we haven’t gotten a call to come pick her up : )

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