Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Miracles Happen – February 16, 2016

I know I may have said this before but, miracles. do. indeed. happen.

So this past Thursday was ZONE CONFERENCE!!!!

Which was amazing for soo many reasons but one thing that I really liked was the video that President Risenmany had us watch.

It's called the Blue Vase and it follows the story of a young army veteran named Billy Peck who decided long ago to always be an optimist and to do all that he could.

Well he got a job, etc. and worked harder than anyone else. Long story short the boss gives him an "impossible task" to see if he is ready for a big promotion. Well the bad guys try and stop him and the deadline approaches and Billy doesn't make the deadline.....But, he doesn't give up. He keeps going and eventually delivers the Blue Vase.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Always have a friend who knows how to fly a plane.

But actually, it was a great motivation to realize that this is the work to which we have been called and it is our responsibility to work every second of the day and make every moment of the mission count. This is not an endurance race but a sprint. And I hope to be able to give my very best to the Lord.

In other news Sister G and I have been calling a lot of former investigators and found out that two of them are preparing themselves for baptism!!!!! There is Gr who I met with Sister S (who is about to be finishing her mission :( ) And D who had called in over the phone just two days after he got out of prison!!!

The gospel is so true and it really is a testimony builder to see other's lives changed by the gospel. Each person we speak with on the square, over the phone, on chat, has their own story and own journey to take. But, the gospel really is that path to happiness and peace. I know it with all my heart.

The work keeps going forward and will continue to with or without us.

So I think I will always choose with :)

Love you all

~Sister Eging~

PS -- There has been a lot of noise at night when we and our roommates have been trying to study so we went to our neighbor (who we are pretty sure now is not a member) and kindly asked him to turn down the tv. Afterwards we felt bad and left chocolate covered gummie bears and a small note. This morning we got a note back thanking us and saying if we ever needed him to turn it down again we could text him.... Does that count as a potential investigator? We got his number, I think so hahaha

Also, my companion and I can not communicate with each other if our lives depended on it because she speaks very limited english and my english is also not the simplest. So long story short we now use google translate for a lot of our misunderstandings.

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