Tuesday, March 8, 2016

We're All in This Together! - February 23

Well I had tried avoiding it my whole mission but I did it.
We actually went to East High where High School Musical was filmed and yes it just so happened to be right when school let out and yes it was like a flashback nightmare to high school all over again except this time I was wearing a nametag and a skirt......

So I guess it wasn't that bad, it was actually pretty cool to see everything and fun fact, that rooftop garden yeah, doesn't exist! I was peeved!

So training Sister G has been a blast and a half and I feel like I am learning and growing the most from it.

I can effectively say I love you, I am a missionary, and good night in Portuguese so you could say progress is being made.

The gift of tongues is incredibly real as I have watched Sister G just completely demolish the English language over the past couple of weeks.

This gospel is amazing and God is so good. Update as D is being baptized this weekend, so is M (whom I taught with Sister S as well) so it looks like its going to be a weekend full of beautiful birthday baptisms!!! HOORAY!!!

There's also been this new referral system where all of the Book of Mormon requests etc. get sent to us and then we call the person to see if they'd like missionaries to deliver it etc.
Which makes for some really REALLY funny phone calls when people put in requests for other people....

*See picture below**** Because this guy was not happy that we called. He apparently wasn't very happy with his waiter either which is why the waiter sent him to us hahahaha

This week has gone by sooooo fast and it feels like every week goes by faster and faster. I can't believe how fast time goes and in less than a week I'll be 20!!!!!! (don't worry I'm not going to have an emotional breakdown or anything...... I"M JUST DYING!!!!!!!!) I'm sure I'll be fine.....20's okay right? right? ...... right. good. got it.

Well that's all the news from the Square!

~~~~~~~SISTER EGING~~~~~~~~~~

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