Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Note from Sis Eging's mom -- Aug 30

So she warned us in last week's email that she wouldn't have time to write this week, however, she did shoot off a quick note to let us know that she was called as an Assistant to the President. From what I understand her and her companion help the Mission President with things, such as training new missionaries, etc. For those of you who know Sister Eging well and her "not so quiet" side, you may be asking if I am sure I understood her correctly. I was told that she was "pretty sure that this is proof that the Lord uses imperfect people to further His work hahaha" So, we are pretty excited for her. This should keep her busy as we back home look forward to beginning our "100 Days Until Melissa Comes Home Countdown" in October (we decided counting down any sooner might make it seem to go longer so we are going to start at 100 days). Thanks for those who have been praying for her, writing her, etc. We appreciate it! Thanks, Melissa's mom

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