Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 15, 2016 – Bring on the Heat

Well this week started out warm..... #itSnowedthismorning

But with the end of winter and the beginning of summer comes Spring Break and what group of college kids wouldn't want to come to Temple Square for Spring Break!?!?!

Well I'll tell you which one's would.....Anti's

That's right folks with the warm weather comes the beginning of Anti season and they have revved up a little early this year.

But with the Anti's comes some of the coolest spiritual experiences ever.
As a missionary I have had to learn to rely completely on the Spirit. Who to talk to, what to say next, guidance, peace etc. And sometimes I'm more in tuned than other times and some cases I recognize when it is the spirit guiding me while others I don't

So flash forward to this week, the week of anti-training.

Sister G and I are on a desk assignment talking to the people who come in and we've had a couple really sweet families etc. And then in walks this big group of college students who immediately ask for a tour, and I think wow weird they knew about our free tours (not a lot of people do). I call sisters and start trying to talk with them. Where they're from, what school do they go to, what's their major etc. etc.

Now for some reason I could not speak with them. I kept asking random questions and there would be weird silences and my companion looks at me like I'm going crazy because I will tell you my tongue was tied! I have never experienced such a stupor of thought and all essence of the spirit was gone. Like just a big hole in my chest. I started freaking out, calling the sisters to see when they were coming to take the tour. I couldn't talk to these kids and I didn't know why!

The sisters show up and ask quietly if they're antis and I say no.... little did I know they were!!! 5 minutes into the tour they began Bible bashing etc etc.

In these cases there really is only one thing to do and that is to testify and let the Spirit of the Lord do the rest. For real. All questions all arguments are answerable but to a hard heart the only thing you can do is this and end the tour.

This is just one of the examples of how the spirit really does guide us in all things.... sometimes we just don't pay attention to the signs.

Oh also next week is the beginning of Transfer 7 and it looks like I will be on Temple Square for a little while longer :)

I'm so excited to see what this next transfer brings me and I'm blessed to serve here where I can bear witness and testimony every single day. I love the gospel, I love the Book of Mormon and I know with all of my heart that this is Christ's church restored on the Earth.

Love you all so much and remember,
When in doubt, testify! (insert raise the roof hand emoji....if that's still a thing hahah)

Sister Eging

Adventures at Ensign Peak: pic 1, spelling "temple"; pic 2, human shadow temple; pic 3, Bouta drop our new album; and pic 4, our district.

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