Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Big 2.0 – Mar 1, 2016

Wow...... 20 years. 2 decades. What the hay. Time goes by so fast.
And this week was certainly jam-packed!

SO to list it out

1. We had an amazing family road trip (three generations of missionaries all together!) to see M's baptism! And then ice cream after to celebrate birthdays and baptisms! If you've never been to Utah and you've never been to Leatherby's.....GO.

2. We got to go on a tour of the Tabernacle's Organ.... Yes the Tabernacle like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (and the place where the living prophets speak)

3. And then it was my BIRTHDAY!!!!! SO basically spent the day like all other days except pancakes and cake - cake for dinner!

It's weird how holidays and things are on your mission. You celebrate and they're fun but they're a little different. And you spend it doing the most amazing work in the world!!! Which reminds me also thank you everyone for the Birthday Wishes!!!

I also want to talk about R because he is awesome!!! On Temple Square we get sooooo many opportunities to teach people on the square, over the phone, and through chat, some of them are ready and willing to learn some....not so much. But R is so prepared for the gospel it is amazing. A couple of things about him, he is Hindu from India who is travelling for business and stopped in through Temple Square. When Sister G and I first start talking to him he shares with us how he has always looked at all of the different religions and just took the good from each and kind of meshed them together but has always been on this search for the truth.

Then we explain to him about how the Church of God as it was established when Christ was on the Earth was lost and over time plain and precious truths were lost as well. The whole time we speak with him he asks the most sincere and heartfelt questions. By the end of the tour he tells us of the spirit he had been feeling and accepts an invitation to be baptized and meet with the missionaries!

He is our miracle for the week! How prepared the children of God are all over the world! And Sister G and I get to help find them and be a part of this wonderful work!

I'm also learning Portuguese because we have so many Portuguese investigators that I want to be able to say something! So far I can say eu aimo voce, I love you, I like bread with butter and honey, and God is our loving Heavenly Father.

Man I love my mission.

This is the absolute best time of my life and I know with all my heart that this gospel is true.

Love you all so much!!
(Oh and if you haven't seen the devotional by Elder M. Russell Ballard. Please do! It is so good!)

Lots of Love!!!!
~~Sister Eging~~

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