Monday, November 21, 2016

Nov 21, 2016 - Breakkkk

The week of breaking. It is the week before transfers which means transfer planning but on top of that there were also Savior of the World performances, an office remodel, designing and planning a surprise, helping with Thanksgiving dinners, missionary department meetings and much much more. So it is no shock to say that I am tired. Down right tired

It was a hard week for Sister S and I as we both are struggling feeling like we are doing enough so we try to run a little faster and that doesn't help. So we broke a little bit, got ice cream and shared the gospel along the way.

This week I came to learn about the reality of the adversary. That is Lucifer, Satan, the devil, and whatever else you may refer to him as. When we as imperfect people start changing ourselves to become like Christ, to help others become like Christ, when we reach for a new level of righteousness there is always push back. Feelings of inadequacy, exhaustion, despair, Satan will use anything he can to get at us but that is precisely why our Savior was sent. I know who I can turn to. He has sunk beneath the lowest points of despair and felt the most intense pain imaginable. For me, for you, for literally every single person who has lived and who will ever live.

So reach out He's there to help. Don't try to be perfect and then ask for help. Ask and do your best.

Lots of love sending your way!

Enjoy our pictures because it snowed! And share a smile with someone today :)

Love Sister Eging

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