Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Nov 14 - Companionship Unity -- A Double Testimony

This week was a CRAZY week! We had Zone Conference all week meaning little time on the square which tends to make us sadder and more irritable sister missionaries. But they were wonderful meetings (my companion will talk more about them) (Also Sister Risenmay hates it when people use the words 'double testify' so I had to throw that in there....don't worry we never actually say it to people).

From my companion, SISTER S:
This week we had Zone Conference (Sister Eging and I plan and make the agendas all the meetings when the whole mission is involved)

It was quite the Zone Conference the Spirit was strong! President Risenmay went and taught the doctrine behind the Plan of Salvation, I learned so much. More then I have ever in any plan of Salvation lesson when circles are drawn on a board. I was able to receive a lot of inspiration!

We gave two training's 2 days and three on 1 day. It was a lot but together we were able to teach and testify to help the mission improve skills. We gave a training on how to use the area book better and on inviting and promising blessings, the one day we did a role play at the Temple Model teaching the plan of Salvation and the restoration while testifying of it to each other.

ME (Sister Eging)
After Zone Conference this Saturday we also were able to go and see N baptized which was such a sweet and lovely experience.

So around this time last year my companion at the time, Sister C went on exchanges with another sister, Sister D. While they were on exchanges they found N and her boyfriend, and took them through God's Plan for His families, a little presentation that shows here at the visitor centers. And it touched her heart a lot. Now because of different circumstances and hard things it took N, a little while to get to the point where she was ready but, it was amazing to see the light in her face as she stepped out of the waters of baptism. The spirit filled the room and she made a covenant with her Heavenly Father.

What a great way to end the week.

I know that God is aware of each one of us and truly is noticing all of the details of our lives. He knows exactly when we are ready to hear the gospel and will continue teaching us throughout our lives regardless of whether we are receptive or not. I'm so grateful for such a loving God and I'm grateful to know the fullness of His plan for me.

I've also come to stand face to face with many of my weaknesses and am truly grateful that there is a way for me to overcome them. I'm not perfect, and will never be in this life, but I'm grateful for the plan that has been given to us that allows us to always progress and become better.

Hope you all are working on your missionary commitments.... I'm looking at you family!

But seriously if you sincerely ask God who is ready to receive the gospel around you and are quiet, and listen for that answer, you will receive it. Just act.
Sister Eging

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