Monday, July 6, 2015

Hey Guys

I have seen so many people I know from BYU in the MTC it's crazy! Like a ton of people that I never thought I'd see again. How weird!?!

This week was so filled with so many different experiences I don't even know where to begin. We got to teach our first "investigators" this week which has really been a challenge but has helped me grow so much. My two investigators are both really tough cookies, and it has been really cool to see how the Lord works in mysterious ways. Yesterday me and my companion could not think of anything more to teach our investigators as they have been taught and already both have such a strong faith in Christ. So we prayed and walked in with no real lesson plan truly relying on the Holy Spirit to fill our mouths and I can not even begin to describe to you how strong the spirit was in those lessons. I can't remember what we taught or even what I said but the spirit was so strong it was amazing. Sometimes it is hard to not be discouraged especially when investigators are sooooooo close it hurts! But I just always remember that the Lord works in mysterious ways and maybe for that one investigator my job was just planting the seed or building their faith. You just have to put your trust in Him and He will do the rest. 

Soooooo other cool things of the week. It is Mission President Training week. This means the buildings that we normally use for things like the cafeteria and the gym are apparently no longer a thing hahaha. So we get fed Subway and Taco Bell, the breakfast, lunch, and dinner of champions. But actually it's really cool. There are apparently apostles here to train the new mission pres' but I have yet to see one no matter how hard I stalk or try to see them. SOOO FRUSTRATING. I JUST WANNA SEE AN APOSTLE IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK? Ugh. Well I still got to be taught by the new mission presidents of the London mission which was really awesome. They were so nice and his wife was like a perfect little surrogate mom to give hugs to. (Miss yer hugs momma). Along with the new mission presidents, we had a member of the seventy, Elder Foster, come teach us personally. 

How Cool!? Man to be on that kind of spiritual level. On a whole other note.... I had to move residence halls yesterday. Why you ask. Well indeed I will tell you why. Three letters. They turn into vampires. And apparently they live in the MTC dorms. BATS. They found bats in our dorm rooms so they called us into this emergency meeting and we are all prepared to hear an apostle talk, notebooks out, super excited, emergency talk from an apostle..... Nope just bats and a surprise hour long packing and moving excursion from one building to the next. GUYS. While I was packing and moving I had the coolest prayer experience. So one of the Sisters (she is also going to Temple Square) and I took the longest time to pack. We each had two bulking suitcases, a carry-one bag, and I had my care-package (filled with the most delicious coconut *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*). We start walking down to the elevator and everyone told us to turn back because it wasn't working. Well I said they just didn't have enough faith. Laugh at me they did and laugh at them I did while I rode that elevator all the way down to the first floor. Sister Kratzer's and my prayer worked!!!! It totally worked and the elevator doors opened and we were saved PUHAISE THE LORD!

So with all of that happening you could say its been a pretty eventful week. 
Well mission is going great. It's hard and very exhausting but I love every second that I am here growing and developing in the gospel. Though I had a testimony before I came out here it doesn't even begin to compare to the revelation and growth that I have made in this past week. I am truly grateful for this opportunity and have already been so changed that I can't imagine what the next 18 months have in store for me. I miss you all so much! Remember to write and stuff because I love getting your letters. (Side note from Melissa's mom--If you need her address, email address or info, just let me know).

Love You,
Sister Eging

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