Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 19 – Lord Increase Our Faith

"And In the Morning...I'm Making Waffles"

Name that movie....

If you can't name it we can't be friends....okay I guess we can. But seriously it's one of the greats so if you haven't seen it go see it and if you have....go watch it again.

In honor of meeting Donkey, the world's friendliest donkey, I had to title my letter home one of Donkey's best moments. So this donkey we met was a champ. We saw him as we were driving out of Jamul along with a giant goat....sorry no picture, and Sister G, being a champ herself, looks at me and asks if I want to go say hi....... OF COURSE!

SO we get out and the Donkey starts trotting/running towards us! It was a miracle and definitely brightened up my entire day :)

The rest of the week we had a couple of really great/interesting things take place.

First was exchanges with our wonderful STL's Sister V and Sister P. I stayed in our area with Sister P (who is a blast and a half) and Sister G went with Sister V to Santee. It was loads of fun, we picked oranges, contacted people on the streets and almost died a couple of times.... (the people of El Cajon did NOT like her driving hahaha but it was great)

Then to end off the week there was a HUGE Mission President's Devotional that we were able to go and sing at and who, of all people, was there??


(see his "I'm Mormon" profile/video here --

It was really hilarious and super inspirational. I love hearing the testimonies of converts, those who have truly and genuinely been touched by the spirit and have left all behind for the gospel.

This week has been a big week of growth and change for me as I have had to use my faith in Jesus Christ on whole different levels.

I have learned for myself that Christ is there, that He loves us and will never leave us. And that it is our duty out of love and gratitude towards Him to always do what's right NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES

We can always increase our faith and Christ has shown us how.

Here is the talk that has been the focus of my study for about a week

Lord, Increase Our Faith
by Elder John K. Carmack

I pray that you all are able to find Him and to be willing to never let go. Following the Savior is not an easy thing to do. There will be persecution raging all around you and sometimes you may feel as if you are drowning, like there is no light at the end of the tunnel and you are stuck (at least that's how I feel sometimes).
But I'm here to say that all of those thoughts are not true. Though you may not be able to see the light at the end or imagine a time when things will be easier I know that they will.

For anybody struggling don't give up, don't draw away from the Savior, just step a little closer and He will carry you.

I love you all so so so so so very much there aren't even words to express it :)

I hope you can all take the time to find the joy in the little things today.

With lots of love (and internet hugs)
Sister Eging

The size of the burritos in San Diego!; Worlds Friendliest Donkey; Watermelon -- My Favorite!; Investigator's Puppy

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