Sunday, January 17, 2016

Dec 24 - This is a season of blessings.

I'm blessed to be serving on Temple Square.
I'm blessed we were able to hear from Elder Lynn G. Robins.
I'm blessed to have shaken hands with Elder Rasband.
I'm blessed to be able to help so many of Gods children learn the true
meaning of Christmas.
To be surrounded and feel love from so many kind members.
To know everyday that I am doing the Lords work.
To be a missionary.

We first heard from Elder Robins and he spoke to us on the importance
of developing and becoming more Christlike. Often our New Years
resolutions are lists of things we want to do but how often do we make
a goal of what we want to be?
Not just something to check off but to work towards continually.

Then Elder Rasband spoke on the importance of giving willingly. When
we make sacrifices for the Lord they must come from our heart or they
don't mean anything. Sometimes I catch myself complaining about little
things that don't matter or things that I knew full well I would have
to do on my mission. Things I signed up for and knew 100% would be
hard. When we complain we receive our reward. We are receiving
recognition, just recognition from man.

This Christmas remember the Savior. Remember that without Him there
truly would be no purpose to living. It is He who makes everything
possible and we are here only to express gratitude to Him.

On a side note the number of proposals happening on Temple Square have
sky rocketed. One even snuck up and proposed at the Christus. How
creative! *insert sarcasm*

I hope you all are able to enjoy this holiday season with the ones you love!
Have a very Merry Christmas and remember
Church is still true
Sky is still blue

Lots of Love
Sister Eging

PS -- Also I'm teaching this really cool man who just got out of
prison (after being in there for 25 years) he is turning his life
around, going to church etc. and spending time with his 26 year old
son! Who also wants to learn more and discover the fullness of the
gospel of Jesus Christ!

And these wonderful members paid for all of our groceries at Costco!
(We were buying stuff for a breakfast brunch with our district

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