Monday, October 3, 2016

Oct 3, 2016 – Blurry

Well our week was quite the blur. So much happening. We had three days straight of Zone Conferences. This is where we are able to help the President and his wife train all the sisters in the mission. The focus for Zone Conference was on personal conversion and also on increasing our faith.

The Zone's have increased their vision and with the next month of October are looking to help even more people enter into the waters of baptism. They were wonderful conferences with some really amazing trainings.

And then the week ended with GENERAL CONFERENCE!


It is one of the best weekends ever and some of the greatest times of my mission have been running around Temple Square at Conference time. What a wonderful time to remember the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Everything that God desires for His children. He loves us and so He called prophets to give us the scriptures. He sent His son to die for us and show us how we can return to Him. Then as Christ and His apostles were rejected, God in His love for us, called a prophet again in the 1800' to bring back that same authority that Christ was baptized by. This same authority is held by the prophets and apostles today and we are able to learn from them. What a privilege to know these things for myself. To be able to study the Book of Mormon and to gain my own witness from the Spirit.

I love you all!

Keep building your testimonies and helping others build theirs. Our testimonies grow as we bear them!

(Also we pushed a piano across Temple Square today, it only took us two hours because we were contacting people along the way)

Sister Eging
(taken from the Temple Square blog,

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