Sunday, September 25, 2016

Christ Stands at the Head of This Church -- Sep 19, 2016

Hello friends and family!
What a week it has been and I can say that I am certifiably exhausted. But that's the best feeling in the world so I'll just keep rolling with it.

This week has just been spiritual experience on top of spiritual experience and I am just amazed at the tender mercies that the Lord has shown both Sister S and I. We don't really get a lot of time on Temple Square contacting so every second is precious and a spiritual experience. We are being led to those who are truly ready to learn and act upon the message of the restored gospel and I have come to gain an increased testimony of how this work is directed by Jesus Christ. There is no person that we talk to that we were not meant to. We are led to every person be they member, guest, or anti. Every person is a child of God simply on a different place in their path back to Heavenly Father. Of course there are things that are necessary for everyone to return; faith, repentance, baptism (by proper authority), the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring, but everyone is able to know for themselves that this is the Church of Christ. It is all about connecting others to heaven. and who wouldn't want that?

This week we were able to work closely with the Mission President and the Zone Leaders to discuss the raising of the standard of excellence for baptisms per month per Zone. There are more people who have been baptized this year than in the history of Temple Square and in less than a month we should be hitting our annual goal of bringing 1,016 souls unto Christ through baptism in the year 2016!
How amazing!!!

We also went and spoke in a ward this Sunday and Sister S and I whipped a musical number together real fast where she 'plunked' the piano and I sang "I Stand All Amazed".

I forgot just how much I LOVE singing. It was one of the best feelings in the world. I was a little nervous and rusty but it was fun!

Well that's all for this week.

Love you all. And take extra time today to pray for the opportunity to show someone God's Love. Pray, and then Act!

Sister Eging

Assistant to the President Life --- lots and lots of time in an office. . . .

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